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The Secret Room is a solo run that serves as an alternative way to obtain some of the currently available Plugins.
You talk to an NPC (at (X24, Y23) in Home III or (X18, Y17) in Shinjuku Babel) to be warped to a special instance.

Obtaining Secret Room Admission Programs

If you spent CP during the previous month, you will receive SR Admission Programs depending on how much you spent.

  • 500-999 CP: 10 Programs on the first, 10 more on the 11th and 21st; total of 30.
  • 1000-1499 CP: 20 Programs on the first, 20 more on the 11th and 21st; total of 60.
  • 1500-1999 CP: 30 Programs on the first, 30 more on the 11th and 21st; total of 90.
  • 2000-2499 CP: 3 Limited Tickets. 30 Programs on the first, 30 more on the 11th and 21st; total of 90.
  • 2500-2999 CP: 6 Limited Tickets. 30 Programs on the first, 30 more on the 11th and 21st; total of 90.
  • 3000+ CP: 9 Limited Tickets. 30 Programs on the first, 30 more on the 11th and 21st; total of 90.

Limited Tickets give you a choice between 10 SR Admission Programs and 10 Abyss Keys for Dark Babel.
CAVE also occasionally gives away SR Admission Programs as an event reward.

Secret Room

You can spawn the enemies and select their difficulty level (Low/低, Medium/中, or High/高) by talking to the Innocent near the entrance. The higher the difficulty level, the more experience you receive. The number of Jewel Boxes, Premium Boxes and Congratulation Cards (see the next section) you receive is not affected by the difficulty level.

As of the 10/15/2014 update, you can now exchange SR Programs for Soul Points. 1 SR Program = 1,000 SP

Low Difficulty

(About as tough as the Act 0 demons.)
Called in Secret Slime
Called in Secret Gaki
Called in Secret Will O'Wisp
Called in Secret Ghoul
1,000,000 Experience

Medium Difficulty

(Similar to the silver/act bosses of Suginami Tunnels and Shibuya Quartz)
Called in Secret Titania
Called in Secret Oberon
Called in Secret Decarabia
Called in Secret Forneus
3,000,000 Experience

High Difficulty

(Similar to the gold bosses/nightmares of Suginami Tunnels, Celu Tower, Old Ichigaya Camp, and Shibuya Quartz)
Called in Secret Thor
Called in Secret Cerberus
Called in Secret Morrigan
Called in Secret Arahabaki
5,000,000 Experience

Common Rewards

Rewards from the Premium Box

Congratulation Card Exchange

You can exchange your Congratulation Cards from Secret Room and Dark Babel with the Innocent inside the Secret Room instance, or in front of the Cathedral of Shadows in Dark Babel.

Demon Exchange

Law Demons

Demon Summon PG Plug-in
Inexperienced Hathor 50 cards N/A
Girimehkala 80 cards 500 cards
Lakshmi 100 cards 600 cards
Gurr 150 cards 800 cards
Mada 400 cards 1100 cards
Metatron 700 cards 1400 cards
Michael 1000 cards 1800 cards
Vishnu 1000 cards 1800 cards

Neutral Demons

Demon Summon PG Plug-in
Accomplished Erthys 30 cards N/A
Accomplished Aeros 30 cards N/A
Accomplished Aquans 30 cards N/A
Accomplished Flamies 30 cards N/A
Accomplished Unicorn 30 cards N/A
Lucky Pixie 50 cards N/A
Inexperienced Mothman 50 cards N/A
Inexperienced Succubus 50 cards N/A
Little Devil Lilim 60 cards 400 cards
Frost Ace 60 cards 400 cards
Alice 90 cards 550 cards
Yurlungur 100 cards 600 cards
Matador 130 cards 700 cards
Tokisada 150 cards 800 cards
Hell Biker 160 cards 850 cards
White Rider 170 cards 860 cards
Red Rider 180 cards 870 cards
Black Rider 190 cards 880 cards
Pale Rider 250 cards 950 cards
Yamatano-Orochi 300 cards 1000 cards
Jeanne D'Arc 400 cards 1100 cards
Yoshitsune 400 cards 1100 cards
Seven stars of death Beiji Weng 500 cards 1200 cards
Trumpeter 800 cards 1200 cards
Mother Harlot 1000 cards 1800 cards

Chaos Demons

Demon Summon PG Plug-in
Utai-Gaikotsu 30 cards N/A
Lucky Datsue-Ba 30 cards N/A
Inexperienced Ganga 30 cards N/A
Inexperienced Decarabia 50 cards N/A
Inexperienced Yaksini 50 cards N/A
Vasuki 100 cards 600 cards
Kartikeya 150 cards 800 cards
Tzitzimitl 400 cards 1100 cards
Astaroth 500 cards 1200 cards
Azazel 500 cards 1200 cards
Beelzebub (Human) 500 cards 1200 cards
Mara (Amorphous) 700 cards 1400 cards
Ananta 800 cards 1500 cards
Beelzebub (Fly) 1000 cards 1800 cards
Shiva 1000 cards 1800 cards

Plugin Only

Demon Plug-in
Mara 1800 cards
Gogmagog 500 cards
Fafnir 500 cards
Tsukuyomi 500 cards
Hino-Kagutsuchi 500 cards

Item Exchange

Item Cost
DieHard 5 cards
DieHard (Demon) 5 cards
Angel Trumpet 200 cards
Stradivari 200 cards
Bells of Death 200 cards
Magatama 666 cards
Iron Cage of the Underworld 666 cards
Crown of the Seven Hills 666 cards
Music of the Angels 666 cards
Music of the Devil 666 cards
Interrupted Light of Dawn Chest 666 cards
Shining Wings of Heaven Voucher 666 cards

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