Remains of Tokyo

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These are items found in plasmas that are spread around Tokyo; these are used for deconstructing components.


The rarity refers to the type of colored orb it's in followed by how likely you are to get the item from that orb.

  • Abundant: High chance this is what you'll get, and lots of it.
  • Common: You'll usually get this, but no more than 5 at a time.
  • Uncommon: You don't always get this.
  • Rare: You're lucky to get this, and it's usually in low numbers.
  • Very Rare: Speaks for itself.

List of items

Plasma: WhiteYellowBlueRed
Remains of Tokyo: Bent Pan LidBroken Desk ChairBroken Mobile PhoneBroken MugBroken RobotBurned CamoflageBurned CurtainsDecayed Scrap IronDeteriorated TireDinosaur FossilEmpty CanFaded Comic BookFaded EarringMoldy PillowPlastic BottleRipped Souvenir JacketRusty Manhole CoverScrap WoodTattered Brand BagTwisted PipeUndetonated RoundUnrepairable PCWrinkled T-Shirt
Compounding Material: BronzeIronAluminumSteelSilverGoldMeteoric IronDemonic IronHeavenly IronHihi-IrokanePlatinumTitaniumStainless SteelIthildinDamascus SteelTrapezohedronCottonHempSilkWoolDownLeatherGatorskinSnakeskinTigerskinDivinity FeatherTyrant Body HairDragon King ScaleHoly Beast ManeDragon Lord FangHoly Beast ManeAvian Spirit FeatherCedarOakCypressHoly WoodDemon WoodWhetstoneOilGun PowderPlasticTree SapCircuitryLeg OrbSpirit OrbWaxGlassRubberDark OrbReinforced FiberDark LiquidStrengthening AgentSoft Stone

Items and Equipment
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