Regal Presence

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A Battle Expertise Skill for enhancing the damage certain weapons do with appropriate disadvantages.

Note: Regal Presence may also be referred to as Retaliation, which was the localized name in the international version of the game.

Each rank of Regal Presence gives a passive increase to the modifier value applied to Attack skills (exact value unknown).


Requirements to Unlock: Attack at Class 2-0, Weapon Knowledge at Class 1-0, and Survival Techniques at Class 1-0

Raising: You raise Regal Presence by gaining rank in its component Expertises.


zWLsspX.png Lord of Serfs 1-0 Switch Special Curative 1 10 Magnetites, 20% Health All Reduces demon's LNG-R, ClS-R, and Spell by 5. Increases Cls-R by 10 and Critical by 40
YjdCmbu.png Lord of Soldiers 2-0 Switch Special Curative 2 10 Magnetites, 10% Health 1-handed Swords Decreases Spin cool-down and incantation time by 50%. Increases Critical by 160. Decreases Spin damage by 20%.
JRkrN3d.png Lord of Martyrs Switch Special Curative 10 Magnetites, 10% Health Primitive Weapons Increases Attack damage by 60%. Reduces Critical by 30 and Spin damage by 20%
4HKA36Z.png Lord of the Blood Axe 3-0 Switch Special Curative 3 10 Magnetites, 10% Health Axe Increases Attack damage by 50%. Increases Critical by 40. Increases Rush and Spin incantation time by 15%.
CAyAEQe.png Lord of Knights Switch Special Curative 10 Magnetites, 10% Health Thrusting sword Increases Rush damage by 25% and Critical by 100. Increases Rush incantation time by 15%.
XBoHI0w.png Lord of the Beasts Switch Special Curative 10 Magnetites, 10% Health Spears Increases Spin damage by 40%. Increases Spin cool-down time by 50%.
89sOAix.png Lord of Armor 4-0 Switch Special Curative 1 15 Magnetites, 30% Health N/A Null Knockback, Null Incapacitate (damage does not interrupt incantation). Decreases General-Damage dealt by 100%. Decreases damage received by 50%.
eElEXZN.png Lord of Fighters 5-0 Switch Special Curative 2 20 Magnetites, 10% Health Martial Arts Increases Close-Range damage by 40%. Increases damage received by 20%.
qlsglyU.png Lord of Courage Switch Special Curative 10 Magnetites, 10% Health 2-handed Swords Increases Rush damage by 50%. Increases Rush incantation and cool-down time by 10%.
CRLPaY7.png Lord of Victory 6-0 Switch Special Curative 1 35 Magnetites, 30% Health N/A Increases Close-Range damage by 25%, and +100 critical. Increases damage received by 30%.
Immortal Lord.jpg Immortal Lord 8-0 Switch Special Curative 1 55 Magnetites, 30% Health N/A Increases Critical Defense by 150, and enables you to survive lethal blows with a 10% chance. Increases cool-down time for all skills by 20%.

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