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(Copied from Clan West Imp's blog page) Rag's Shop is a shop that appears in Home III, Shinjuku Babel, and Kakyo Castle. It's the location with a gemstone on your map. This store will allow you to turn in gems for Mitama, elementals, and for skills. Prices are the same for Home III and Shinjuku Babel, but Kakyo's gives a 20% discount.


You need one free space in your inventory for each Mitama you buy (they will be in stackable PG form).

Demon Gem(s) # Required
Aramitama Coral, Sapphire 10 ea.
Nigimitama Jade, Turquoise 10 ea.
Kushimitama Amethyst, Pearl 10 ea.
Sakimitama Garnet, Peridot 10 ea.


You need one free space in your inventory for each Elemental you buy (they will be in stackable PG form). These are not accomplished elementals.

Demon Gem(s) # Required
Erthys Topaz 10
Aeros Emerald 10
Aquans Aquamarine 10
Flamies Ruby 10


Skills can only be placed on an elemental you have summoned. Accomplished elementals can be used. You will need all gems listed.

Skill Gem(s) # Required
Maragidyne Garnet, Coral, Diamond, Ruby, Topaz 20 ea.
Mabufudyne Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Sapphire, Turquoise 20 ea.
Maziodyne Diamond, Jade, Pearl, Sapphire, Opal 20 ea.
Mazandyne Diamond, Emerald, Jade, Ruby, Peridot 20 ea.
Corona Cannon Coral 200
Blizzard Cannon Sapphire 200
Lightning Cannon Opal 200
Hurricane Cannon Coral 200
Megido Amethyst, Diamond, Jade 10 ea.
Megidola Garnet, Diamond, Peridot 50 ea.
Diarahan Aquamarine, Pearl 10 ea.
Mediarahan Sapphire, Opal 150 ea.
Samarecarm Peridot, Topaz 10 ea.
Null Fire Garnet, Turquoise 75 ea.
Null Ice Amethyst, Topaz 75 ea.
Null Electric Aquamarine, Opal 75 ea.
Null Force Coral, Sapphire 75 ea.
Null Expel Diamond, Peridot 75 ea.
Null Death Emerald, Ruby 75 ea.
Fire Booster Coral, Emerald 120 Corals, 60 Emeralds
Ice Booster Garnet, Amethyst, Sapphire 15 Garnets, 15 Amethysts, 170 Sapphires
Electric Booster Aquamarine, Diamond, Opal 45 Aquamarines, 150 Diamonds, 5 Opals
Force Booster Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Peridot 50 ea.
CLS-R Booster Sapphire 200
LNG-R Booster Diamond 200
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