Quest: That's the way Love Goes

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Level Requirement • None
Alignment • None
NPC • High Pixie
Location Shibuya Quartz Lobby
Repeatable • No
Other • Must have completed Quest: Dewdrops from a Flower to activate.


  • After completing Quest: Dewdrops from a Flower, speak with the High Pixie NPC in the Shibuya Quartz lobby. She will send you to speak with Aya in the pharmacy in Home III.
  • Gather Wakeanol, 10 Element: Gunpowder, 30 Element: Oil, and a Fairy Wing Scale for her.
    • Obtain the Scale from speaking with the Pixie NPC in Suginami (by Friendly Demon Buster in front of Home III).
  • Report to Aya in the pharmacy and she will send you to the Home III Magic Shop's Robed Man.
  • Gather 50 Element: Glass, 30 Element: Oil, and 5 Cracked Emerald for him.
  • Report back to Aya with the Small Emerald Bottle.
  • Report back to the High Pixie NPC to complete the quest.


• 100,000 Experience

• 5,000 Macca

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