Quest: Lord of the Flies

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Quest NPC

Shadow Chaser - ??? (southeast of TMG Building Entrance)


To be added.


Once finishing the previous quest, you will be assigned to clean out the activated Obelisks in the alternate dimension versions of Nakano, Ichigaya, and Shibuya, before facing Beelzebub again. She will give you a special item Pass Material, which must be taken to a certain spot near each mirror Obelisk. Once each Obelisk is cleared of the boss demon, you must return to the Shadow Chaser to receive another Pass Material for the next Obelisk. you can not use a party for the first 3 fights, they have to be done alone.

Shibuya Obelisk

  • Vortex Located: East of the Shadow Chaser, down the ramp in the far corner.
  • Entrance to Obelisk Located: On a building's edge just east of the Obelisk, the south side of the path. [X:21/22, Y:19/20]
  • Boss Demon: Deformed Protector Jinn: Weak to electricity and nerve. Close Range attacks seem effective. Can use a powerful shot-based Force attack that does upwards of 125 damage.
  • Reward: Pyroxene of Galeforce

Ichigaya Obelisk

  • Vortex Located: North of the Shadow Chaser, located in the ruins directly in front of the TMG Building.
  • Entrance to Obelisk Located: Southeast of the Obelisk, on a jutting rock surrounded in a small ring of magma. [X:21, Y:19]
  • Boss Demon: Deformed Protector Efreet: Weak to ice and nerve. Long Range attacks seem effective. Gets a crazy HP regain at low health, so when he hits red, bust out your big attacks to finish the fight. Has an area Fire attack that can do upwards of 150 damage, so be careful on the offensive.
  • Reward: Pyroxene of Hellfire

Nakano Obelisk

  • Vortex Located: Far Northeast of the Shadow Chaser, straight east, down the from the lost Jack Frost NPC.
  • Entrance to Obelisk Located: West of the Obelisk, DIRECTLY in front of the Innocent, easy to run around and completely miss. [X:20, Y:21]
  • Boss Demon: Deformed Protector Edimmu: Weak to force and nerve. Will almost always attack with an area Electric attack if you get close, so melees beware. However, if you have a good stock of curative items, each cast of his Electric attack takes roughly 15-20% of his health to do, so whittling him down with his own attacks works well.
  • Reward: Pyroxene of Lightning

After clearing all three bosses and getting all three Pyroxenes, return to the Shadow Chaser to be sent once again after Beelzebub. Return to the DB inside of the TMG building to resume the investigation and reenter the TMG Building proper. You do NOT have to unlock the fly locks again, you just need to return to Floor 6 and talk to the eldest brother to start the battle.
Beelzebub is MUCH stronger in this battle, and spawns with 15 to 25 Fly enemies from the climb up. In addition to his previous abilities, he adds an area Electric attack for up to 500 damage and his Dia spell cures for 400+.


1,000,000 bonus XP

Nizo's Elytra

Plug-In: Petal of Lily (Tri-fuse Lilith)


As with the previous quest, this quest takes place entirely in the alternate dimension of Shinjuku, it's TMG Building, and it's alternate universe versions of Nakano, Shibuya, and Ichigaya; not to be confused with the Shinjuku, TMG Building, and "main dimension" Obelisks directly outside of Shinjuku Babel.
Before finishing all of the alternate reality Obelisk fights, talking to an Innocent near the "real" Obelisks with a Pass Material in your inventory will result in some story-related dialogue.

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