Quest: Land Clearing Investigative Report

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Quest NPC

Messian - Arcadia [X20:Y21]


We're working on clearing the land here in Shinagawa.
See all the green growing here in this patch? It's not your average vacant lot.
We must tread a sure and steady path toward the "Millennial Kingdom".

Dialogue prompt:

  • Talk - (Continues Conversation)
  • End Conversation - (Ends conversation)

We're currently recruiting volunteer investigators for the quarry.
Are you up to the task?

Dialogue prompt:

  • Yes - (Continues Conversation)
  • No - (Ends conversation) I see... Perhaps at a better time.

Let me tell you how this works.
There are 3 "Quarries" here in Shinagawa:
one to the west, one to the south and one to the north.
I'd like you to visit each of these quarries and investigate them.
Please use this "Surveying Instrument" for the investigation.
And write down what you find in this "Report".
Once you've visited each Quarry, speak to the Messian outside the Yagiya
The Messian will have a "Seal" for you.
Afterwards, bring back the "Report" with the "Seal" stamped on it to me.
Go to the west quarry first, then to the north and finally to the south.
It's imperative that you don't deviate from this order.


In Shinagawa, travel to these locations in this order. You will receive an on-screen prompt when you have recorded each location.

  • Go to the West Quarry: X18, Y20
  • Go to the North Quarry: X17, Y17
  • Go to the South Quarry: X23, Y22
  • Talk to the Messian near the Yagiya: X21, Y20


Map of Arcadia


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