Quest: For the Fortune of Others

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Quest NPC


  • "Believe" and "The Oppressed" must be completed first.
  • Must have any Lucky variation of demon to be summoned.


In this quest you'll need to find the Woman Gambler Kyoko and beat her at her own game. Head for Shinjuku field. Take note that this area has no map. Starting from the entrance to this area, head straight until you see a path. Follow this path, then turn left and then turn another left down the slope. At the bottom of the slope, turn left into the alcove of a dilapidated and ruined house with a woman standing in it. Speak to Kyoko and she will offer a wager. She will flip a coin - you must guess if it's heads or tails. Guess correctly and win 50,000 macca, guess incorrectly and lose 10,000 macca. Make sure to have a lucky demon summoned before talking to her or she will win every time. Upon her defeat, there will be three dialogue choices. Choose the last to receive the reward. To finish the quest, head back and talk to the Man fleeing from his Past. During the conversation, there will be three dialogue choices; the last will give a slight Law shift.


  1. Talk to the Man Fleeing from his past
  2. Accept his request and head to Shinjuku Field
  3. Find Women Gambler Kyoko.
  4. Summon your Lucky demon before talking to her.
  5. Accept her challenge and simply press either Head or Tails
  6. Pick your answer (Cheater! / Cheater! / No Fair!)
  7. Return and talk to the Man Fleeing from his Past
  8. Answer him and get your reward.


  • Smudged Misanga from the Man Fleeing from his past. Valuable item.
  • Bagua Die if you answered No Fair! after you beat Kyoko.


  • You can ask for help if you don't know where she is.
  • You can try your luck against Kyoko anytime before starting the quest. Unsure whether or not the Lucky Demon trick will work though.
  • If you did not summon a Lucky demon before talking to her, you will surely lose.
  • She will not challenge you upon completion of this quest.
  • This quest must be completed to unlock the Quest: Beginning of vengeance


  • Credit for this info goes to a post by FallenSeraphim [1]
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