Quest: Dewdrops from a Flower

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Quest NPC

Fairy King Oberon - Shibuya Quartz

Short Description

Occasionally, after defeating the boss in Shibuya Quartz, Oberon will appear near the reward boxes with the text "You feel like you're being watched." Talk to him to begin the quest; he'll ask you to collect purple flowers and have them turned into a potion.


  • The flowers are in Nakano at X-23, Y-21 in front of a pond with plasma nearby. Approach the flowers and a picture with dialogue will appear; it will ask whether you want to pick the flowers. Do so, and take them to the Pharmacy in Home III.
  • When speaking with the pharmacist, select "About the Purple Flowers." She informs you that the flowers are used to create an aphrodisiac, and that it will take some time, so she will request you to go to Home III Camp Ground to collect Magnesium.
  • When you've reached the Home III Camp Ground, talk to DB Harumi and select "About Magnesium". She'll charge you 500 Macca to pick up the goods.
  • Return to Home III and speak with the pharmacist again about the purple flowers. She will return your 500 Macca and provide the aphrodisiac.
  • Return to Shibuya Quartz to see Oberon and collect your reward.


  • 3,000 Macca
  • "Fairy King's Blessing" (on-screen text when speaking with Oberon a second time after returning the potion)


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