Quest: Believe

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Level Requirement -
Alignment -
NPC Discarded Woman
Location • Home III [X26:Y21]
Repeatable -
Other Quest: A Superficial Contract must be done first. Bring 1 Iwakura Water and Bread of Inspiration for the Man Fleeing from the Past for the sake of less running around the shop.


  • Talk with Discarded Woman; "Talk", next "I have" and then "Undertake".
  • Travel to Shinjuku Babel.
    • Home III > Suginami > Nakano > Shinjuku Babel. Consort with the map to locate the Border Zones.
    • Should you done Act 7, you can negate above and use the teleportation system to reach Shinjuku Babel from Home III's Home point.
  • Talk with Man Fleeing His Past. Located in Shinjuku Babel [X18:Y17].

  • Bring 1 Iwakura Water to Man Fleeing His Past.
  • Bring 1 Bread of Inspiration to Man Fleeing His Past.
  • Deliver Wife's Letter to Man Fleeing His Past.
  • Report to Discarded Woman back at Home III.
    • You have two options about her husband's status.
  • Option 1: He said "I won't come back."
  • Option 2: He said "I'll come back soon."

If you pick Option 1 above she will ask you the following question next. "My husband... He found a life to lead there?"

  • Option 1: ...
  • Option 2: He was doing well.



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