Old Tokyo Metro

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Old Tokyo Metro
Exit(s) Suginami (17,19)

The entrance to Old Tokyo Metro is the manhole located outside of Home III Camp Grounds.


  • Old Tokyo Metro Ticket (B): 800 DvgHy.png
(NOTE: Price may fluctuate from this norm)

Dungeon Floors

Dungeon Name Old Tokyo Metro Field Suginami
Gaki Deformed Gaki Pisaca Deformed Pisaca
Specter Deformed Specter Choronzon Datsue-Ba
Yomotsu-Shikome Ghoul Deformed Ghoul Mou-Ryou
Yakkha Raiju
Dungeon Bosses Boss Room Demons
Soul Eater of the Depths Vetala Fanatic of the Depths Pisaca
Crimson Orb of the Depths Mothman Fanatic of the Depths Pyro Jack
Possible Layouts
• You can choose your destination to either Shinagawa or Ueno. It will not change the dungeon at all.
• You cannot change your demons in the cars you are fighting, only in between.
• The amount of demons you kill does not change how fast you can move on. Each car where demons spawn is on a timer and the door will not open until it is up and the last spawns have been defeated. (1min 30 sec, 3 mins, 4 mins, 30 sec respectively)
Soul Eater of the Depths Vetala appears at a higher frequency than Crimson Orb of the Depths Mothman. Appearance is random.

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