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How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-83 Onamuchi 42 882 37%
84-117 Okuninushi 59 1740 5%
118-125 Take-Minakata 63 ? 6%
125+ Arahabaki 83 3444 2%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Down Down Down Down
Family Combinations
Demon God+Heavenly God Demon God+Dragon Heavenly God+Seraphim Heavenly God+Earth Element
Heavenly God+Destroyer Heavenly God+Guardian Vile+Demigod Yoma+Guardian
Seraphim+Guardian Earth Element+Godly Beast Earth Element+Dragon Evil Demon+Demigod
Holy Beast+Guardian Guardian+Dragon

a6YVZoE.png Onamuchi

Main article: Onamuchi

The earlier name of the Nation Ruler Okuninushi. Considered to represent the earth, as opposed of Amaterasu, who represents the heavens.

Has several names, including Yachihoko, Utsushi-kunitama, and Ashihara-shikono-o. Was given the hand of Yakami-hime for helping the white hare of Inaba. Was killed several times by his eighty brothers, but was each time resuscitated by the gods of Takahamagara.


Main article: Oyamatsumi

qnd3q01.png Okuninushi

Main article: Okuninushi

A god of the earth in Japanese mythology, and an important figure in the myths of Izumo.

He is exceedingly handsome and has power over agriculture and medicine.

He overcame a series of difficult tasks set for him by Susano'o to win the ha(n)d of Susano'o's daughter Suseri-hime in marriage. Later, he used a large sword borrowed from Susano'o to defeat his brothers, the "Eighty Gods," and built for himself a domain and a great palace in Izumo. From this myth, he was considered to be the ancestor of Izumo-no-Kenmei.

NzOwHrh.png Take-Minakata

Main article: Take-Minakata

zMaiPVc.png Arahabaki

Main article: Arahabaki

An ancient Japanese aboriginal god since the Kohun period. The Momunofu were his servants and before his religion was submerged by the Shinto pantheon, Arahabaki was worshiped in Japan's North-Eastern regions. He was also worshiped by Nagasunehiko, an enemy of Emperor Jimmu, and so by the Emperor's orders Arahabaki became a symbol of treachery, rebellion, and heresy and his worship was forbidden for a long period afterwards. Nowadays, Arahabaki's clay figurine is especially common in inns throughout Japan.

Nation Ruler
Demons Onamuchi • Oyamatsumi • Okuninushi • Take-Minakata • Arahabaki
Variations Accomplished Okuninushi • Accomplished Take-Minakata • Inexperienced Arahabaki
Limited Eternal Partner Okuninushi • Inexperienced Okuninushi • Passion of the Poltergeist Arahabaki
Enemy Madness-Driven Onamuchi • Embodiment of Power Arahabaki • Nightmare Arahabaki • Superior Demon Arahabaki
Event None

Demonic Compendium
By Alignment Law SeraphimEntityDemon GodVileAvianGoddessHeavenly GodRaptorDivineEvil DemonWild BirdYomaEarth ElementMachine
Neutral ReaperHoly BeastBeastFairyElementalFiendDemigodWilderDragon KingNocturneGodly Beast
Chaos FoulBruteHauntDragonFallen AngelFemmeNation RulerEarth MotherEvil DragonGuardianDestroyerTyrantGaian
By Species Gods Demon GodGoddessEntity
Aerials SeraphimDivineFallen Angel
Guardians VileHeavenly GodReaperNation RulerEarth MotherGuardianDestroyer
Demoniacs Evil DemonEarth ElementBruteFemme
Dragons Dragon KingDragonEvil Dragon
Magica YomaFairyDemigodNocturneTyrant
Birds AvianRaptorWild Bird
Beasts Holy BeastBeastWilderGodly Beast
Evil Spirits Haunt
Fouls Foul
Elementals Elemental
Humans FiendGaian
Machines Machine

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