Nakano Boundless Domain

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Nakano Boundless Domain
Exit(s) Nakano (18,20)

One of the two dungeons in Nakano.



· Entry condition: DB License class B, LV 70

· Location: Nakano (X23, Y21)

· Dungeon filled with traps that can separate party.


· Class A Devil Buster (♀): Dungeon entrance.

· Class A Devil Buster (♂): Appears at Boss room after defeat boss.

About the dungeon:

· Number of party members is the same as number of floors, so 1 person = 1 floor.

· Each floor is divided into nine small rooms equally divided into 3 × 3 squares.

· Rooms are separated by doors, and when you kill the enemies the door to the next room opens (Except the door to the center)

· To enter the center room you need to unlock the protection guard on the door.

· In the center, treasure chest appears after kill the enemies. You get orbs that can be used in Cave of Life in Nakano or Cats eye.

· Transfer devices to proceed to the next floor appear randomly in any room.

· Once you advance to the next floor, you can not return to the previous floor except in the pitfalls .


· Dark traps affect the whole room and can be solved with Cats Eye.

· Traps that someone has stepped on already can be seen.

· When falling into a pitfall, the enemies will reappear.

· There is some random damaging floor which causes ailments too.

· There is some random warp floor that teleport you to another room.

Center Room:

The conditions for releasing any door on all sides are the same.

By using " WTC" you can unconditionally open the door to center.

1st floor: A specific stat at 50 or more.

2nd floor: A specific combat expertise at 4-0 or more. (Attack · Spin · Rush) or (Shot · Rapid) or (Destruction Magic · Curse Magic)

3th floor: A specific LNC attribute (Law / Neutral / Chaos)

4th floor: A specific production chain expertise at 2-0 or more. (synther) or (swordsmith) or (arms maker) or (craftsmanship)

5th floor: Kill enemies of the eight rooms around.

Boss room:

Atavaka spawns with a large ammount of enemies.

Sarasvati and Kinaree use dodge with high frequency.

Nerve and Mind are extremely effective for Atavaka.

Endchest gives colored orbs that can be exchanged at Cave of Life in Nakano or Book of Guardians that can be traded for "Desert Area Study Record" valuable. After that, talk to Class A Devil Buster (♀) at entrance to get Atavaka plugin.

Cave of Life:

· Location: Nakano (X19, Y19)

Plasma NPC:

· Exchange orbs for Player passives skills

· Condition in exchange (Class C license)

· Create desired orbs (selectable from 1/5/10/50/100) or dissassemble to 5 color orbs

· Orb box and Orb exchange from one orb to various orbs

Player passive skills:

Quickness: Increase movement speed (up to Lv 5, 20% total)

HP/MP Additional: Maximum HP/MP rise (up to Lv 10, 500 total)

Affinity Additional: Increase any affinity boost (up to Lv 10, 100% total)

Affinity Mastery: Increase any affinity cap (up to LV 10, 180%(?) total)

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