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Magic Bullet Pros

  • Arguably one of the better PvE classes in the game
  • Widest range of affinity in any class.
  • Longest range
  • Easy to hybridize with Curse of the Wretched


  • Difficult to use effectively in PvP
  • MP regeneration is costly at lower levels
  • Lowest damage modifiers in game


Magic bullets are a combination of bullets that have elemental damage with debuffs. They have two main advantages. First, they carry an element. This means that you have at your disposal most elements rather easily. This can help you be more versatile. All of them use 1 bullet and have a varying MP cost. They fire slightly slower than normal shooting and have a cooldown. The status effects they inflict do not always work and the chance varies. All of the same element will cooldown at the same time. For example, if you fire Forgetful Bullet Hole (Magic), then Toxic Bullet Hole and Spell Mute Bullet Hole will become unavailable until Forgetful Bullet Hole finishes cooling down. Cooldown isn't always a problem, as your next Magic Bullet skill should be finished cooling down by the time you attack with a skill of another element, making Magic Bullet non-stop. More cooldown makes you less effective, but because your bullets will be inflicting more damage and inflicting status effects, Magic Bullet is easily one of the most useful gunner abilities in the game. Magic Bullet is one of the easiest starter skills, later in the game however you get a rather low damage output compared to, for instance, mages. Magic Bullet is best suited for dungeons, where it boasts a great deal of affinity exploitation. However, the PVP capabilities are near abysmal unless the gunner can hit fast and deal a lot of damage. However, the gunner will be able to do nothing when teamed up on. It is best to stay behind a team mate and back them up, where Magic Bullet can come in handy for the duo. Damage can be boosted with Sharpshooter, Magic Control and various gears.

Magic Bullet gunners have a diverse range of support. Debuffing an enemy can basically cancel out their effectiveness. Enchanting Bullet Hole can stop a demon entirely by charming them, allowing you to focus on the entire mob. Spell Mute Bullet Hole can decimate a spell user's battle capabilities. Forgetful Bullet Hole can inflict Amnesia (muddle) on an enemy, rendering them practically useless. The combinations are limited only by the user's creativity and technique with choosing which attacks to use in succession.


Requirements to Unlock: Shot at Class 2-0, Curse Magic at Class 2-0, Gun Knowledge at Class 1-0, Magic Control at Class 1-0
Raising: You raise Magic Bullet by gaining rank in its component Expertises.

  • Gains expertise equal to 30% of your Shot level.
  • Gains expertise equal to 10% of your Curse Magic level.
  • Gains expertise equal to 40% of your Gun Knowledge level.
  • Gains expertise equal to 20% of your Magic Control level.

By using Magic Bullet skills, Gun Knowledge and Magic Control will both increase. This means that the most effective way to raise Magic Bullet is to use Magic Bullet in the beginning and if you can use Long-range Shot from the Shot expertise (not to be confused with Range shot, which only raises Shot expertise) since it raises both Shot and Gun Knowledge. The ratio of Gun Knowledge and Magic Control expertise gained from Squalling Bullet Hole is 2:1. (This means Gun Knowledge is raised faster than Magic Control.)

Curse Magic is not recommended to raise higher than Class 2 unless you wish to combine Curse of the Wretched into your build. Most pure Magic Bullet builds will be focusing on Shot and Gun Knowledge as a means of raising Magic Bullet, with perhaps a few Magic Control classes for MP cost reduction.


  • Magic Bullet skills, excluding Arm Snipe, deal damage based on 100% LNG-R, plus 50% Spell, plus a damage bonus dependent on your level of expertise in Magic Bullet.
  • All ailments have a base 40% chance of working that is not affected by the target's resistance (however, will not work if the target nulls, drains or repels the shot).
celRzfE.png Squall Bullet Hole 1-0 Active Force Shot 1 MP 5, 1 Bullet Stun Atavaka mantra magic shot. Changes bullet to Force-based and inflicts Stun effect at low success rate.
92S7g6s.png Toxic Bullet Hole 2-0 Active Magic Shot 2 MP 3, 1 Bullet Poison Mamayuri mantra magic shot. Changes bullet to Magic-based and inflicts Poison effect at low success rate.
GezOdIH.png Forgetful Bullet Hole Active Magic Shot MP 3, 1 Bullet Muddle Mamayuri mantra magic shot. Changes bullet to Magic-based and inflicts Amnesia effect at low success rate.
jHkP9aO.png Arm Snipe 2-5 Active Weapon-
Shot 1 MP 4, 1 Bullet CLS-R, LNG-R or Spell reduction Through precise aim, snipe your foe's source of power. The enemy's Slash, Thrust and Blunt-based attacks are weakened.
1nr4A0r.png Enchanting Bullet Hole 3-5 Active Mind Shot 2 MP 3, 1 Bullet Charm Ragaraja mantra magic shot. Changes bullet to Mind-based and inflicts Charm effect at low success rate.
G3ldlcs.png Spell Mute Bullet Hole Active Magic Shot MP 3, 1 Bullet Mute Mamayuri mantra magic shot. Changes bullet to Magic-based and inflicts Mute effect at low success rate.
Re1cICN.png Scorching Bullet Hole 4-5 Active Fire Shot 1 MP 5, 1 Bullet Aflame Ucchusama mantra magic shot. Changes bullet to Fire-based and inflicts Burn effect at high success rate.
faWpBbh.png Hailing Bullet Hole 5-0 Active Ice Shot 2 MP 5, 1 Bullet Freeze Yamantaka mantra magic shot. Changes bullet to Ice-based and inflicts Freeze effect at a high success rate.
28lczBl.png Thundering Bullet Hole Active Electric Shot MP 5, 1 Bullet Shock Vajrayaksa mantra magic shot. Changes bullet to Electric-based and inflicts Shock effect at low success rate.
Blinding Bullet Hole.jpg Blinding Bullet Hole 6-0 Active Nerve Shot 1 MP 3, 1 Bullet Blind Kundali mantra magic shot. Changes bullet to Nerve-based and inflicts Blind effect at high success rate.
Samiel's Magic Bullet.jpg Zamiel's Magic Bullet 8-0 Active Weapon-based Shot 1 MP 6, 1 Bullet None Brings judgement with a bullet.

Check here for reference data.

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