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Location: Talk to NPC Yagisima (Ichigaya X19, Y15 / Ueno X17, Y17)

You are allowed to enter for the first time after you talk about 'mission' with Yagisima with LV 30 or higher and DB License Class C.

There are three types and three difficulties of missions.


Route Mode/Intermit Mode: Easy: None, Medium: Lv 35, Hard: Lv 60 and DB License Class B.

Transaction Mode: Lv 60 and Swordsmith class 3-0 or Arms Maker class 3-0 or Synther class 3-0 or Craftsmanship class 2-0.

Route Mode:

Time limit: 12 minutes

A mission to remove bad auras from all boxes scattered on the map.

You will succeed by defeating the last boss within the time limit.

Examining boxes and killing the enemy group that spawn will remove the aura from boxes.

When all the boxes are cleared within the time limit, boss appear in the center of the map. Kill him to clear the mission.

There is three different routes for this mission.

Optionally when the time reaches 4 minutes left, two boxes appear on the map. If you examine them before boss spawn, a enemy group will appear. Kill the enemy group of both boxes before the boss, then kill boss for "Perfect !!" appears, and it will make five boxes appear at the place of any other box. If you touch any of the five boxes, enemies with bonus experience values ​​spawn or enemies escape. You can touch them until them escape.

Intermit Mode:

Time limit: 8 minutes

A mission to keep killing demons spawning from a box.

You will succeed by defeating key demons and bosses that appear in it within the time limit. You can earn additional experience value by defeating the bonus demons that appears in the middle.

Touching the box will start the mission and the enemies will sapwn.

At the remaining time of 7:40, 7:10, 6:30, 5:40, 4:40, 3:10, 1:40 and 0:10 Mou Ryou will spawn and killing him will give bonus experience at end, but if you kill another demon when he spawn it will makes him disappear.

Defeating a certain number of key demons makes the boss demon appears at time remaining of 4:40 and you kill him anytime to finish the mission.

Transaction Mode:

Time limit: 6 minutes

Enemy demons do not appear. (However, bonus enemies appear when quests are cleared)

Touch the box to make plasmas appears around it.

Plasma has "disappearance" and "you understand..." options, chose second option to start a mini-game. When you touch it, you can receive various benefits.

You have to touch plasmas before they disappear. The time for them disappear is announced at 3 minutes left, 1 minute left and 15 seconds left.

When giving the plasma the correct answer, the message "sleeping in the box and manifesting a change in thought ...!" appears out about the remaining 3 minutes and 20 seconds, and the central box and the surrounding plasmas will have a different effect, and from the remaining 3 minutes the central box can be touched to finish mission (If you do not see a different effect n plasmas you can not touch the center box)

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