Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern

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Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern
Exit(s) Ichigaya (19,24)

One of two dungeons on the Ichigaya map. Only has bronze/gold level runs.



Wondering Soul: (Can be used to replay the entrance and defeat movie of your encounter with Mythical Beast of Red Mists Zhu Que if you have Wing of the Zhu Que equipped) Phantom: Exchanges 1 Piece of Heaven and Earth for random dungeon items.



Buy, Sell, Repair

Bronze plate: aprox. 500 DvgHy.png

Gold plate: aprox. 9,000 DvgHy.png

Level Requirements

  • Bronze: None
  • Gold: 65 (Need B-Class DB License)

Dungeon Floors

Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern (Bronze)

Dungeon Name Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern: Bronze Plate Field Ichigaya
Poltergeist Deformed Poltergeist Mou-Ryou Accomplished Mou-Ryou
Inexperienced Bai Ze Blob Turdak Inexperienced Orthrus
Accomplished Turdak Specter Herald Will O'Wisp Herald Slime
Herald Mou-Ryou Herald Blob Herald Bai Ze Chatterskull
Stray Angel
Dungeon Bosses Boss Room Demons
Lustful Fiend Legion Lustful Wraith Poltergeist
Mythical Beast of Red Mists Zhu Que Gathering of Beasts Bai Ze
Possible Layouts
Regular Floors Boss Room
- There is an extremely low chance of fighting Mythical Beast of Red Mists Zhu Que instead of Lustful Fiend Legion as the boss.

Hint: If you want to meet Suzaku/Zhu Que in caverns, touch the 3 plasmas, kill the mobs and a message will show. If the shorter message shows in any of the plasmas, Suzaku will appears in boss room; but if only get the larger message will be Legion in boss room, so you can leave run and start another to be faster. SUZAKU.png

Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern (Gold)

Dungeon Name Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern: Gold Plate Field Ichigaya
Accomplished Tajikarao Accomplished Take-Minakata Accomplished Okuninushi Sparkling Zhu Que
Deformed Blob Deformed Dawon Deformed Kali Deformed Dakini
Nightmare Poltergeist Nightmare Legion Nightmare Yakkha Nightmare Kumbhanda
Tenpaku Bai Ze Manifestation Feng Huang Manifestation Garuda Manifestation Yata-Garasu
Shudder Onamuchi Resistant Take-Mikazuchi Lost Okuninushi Used by God Take-Mikazuchi
Funny Child Susanoo Frightened Giant Yamata-no-Orochi
Dungeon Bosses Boss Room Demons
Wind of Heaven Susano-o Used by God Yata-Garasu Used by God Kushinada-Hime Raging Onamuchi
Hero of Yakumo Susano-o Raging Okuninushi
Amaterasu (Male Boss)
Amaterasu (Female Boss)
Possible Layouts

Treasure Chest:

◇ Thirsting Iron × 1 to 3

◇ Diamond Peng bullet × 10 to 20

◇ Emerald × 1 or 2

◇ Pearl × 1 or 2

◆ Ashes of Seance

◆ Soul Stone Tenkei

◆ Devil Memory Compedium: Tajikarao

◆ Devil Memory Compedium: Take-Minakata

End Chest:

◇Heaven and Earth Piece x 3 to 14

◇Emerald x 18 or 22

◇Pearl x 18 or 22

◆ Moonlight Mirror

◆ Soul Stone Red Stone

◆ Epitaph Parts 【Fruit of the devil's break】

◆ Devil Memory Compedium: Susanoo

◆ Devil Memory Compedium: Amaterasu M

◆ Devil Memory Compedium: Amaterasu F

◆ Mantle of Yakumo (Susanoo plugin)

◆ Bamboo bamboo (Amaterasu M plugin)

◆ Sunlight hair ornament (Amaterasu F plugin)

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