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This is a list of where to go to learn certain inherit skills.

Demon skills can also be inherited in PvP, where players use a wide range of affinities. However, it is considered polite to wait until after a match to inherit by coordinating with a member of the opposing team.








Curative and Support skills can be inherited by having any player or demon use them on your demon. This includes antis, nulls, and reflects.


For Defensive and Passive moves, have your demon either dodge, counter, or guard attacks or have their attacks dodge, countered, or guarded against. Moves like Estoma are also inherited in this way.





Long Range



  • Slime + Black Ooze + Blob bosses: Shinjuku Babel Comp Hack DB Watanabe ------ Megidora
    • They rarely use it....better to try the Angel boss.
  • Slime + Black Ooze + Blob bosses: Shinjuku Babel Comp Hack ALPHA (DB Saito) ------ Megidora
    • This hack requires the special item Hacked Chip Alpha and must be done solo to get the 3 fouls (entering with a party triggers a different variation of the run). But the three bosses use almighty skills constantly, so this is a pretty fast way to learn the skills if you have the means to do so!
  • Deformed Power and Embodiment of Form Power ------- Megidora, Megidoraon
    • Both spawn with Raphael field boss in the clearing east of Celu Tower. Deformed Powers are also found in Suginami Tunnels (Gold). They cast it (even too) often; since they spawn in numbers crowd control might get difficult.
  • Embodiment of Form Odin, False Demon God Odin boss: Celu Tower (Silver, Gold) ------ Gungnir
    • Preferably one of the more simpler ways to get an Almighty skill inherited, as Odin uses this fairly often. For those that do not know what the skill looks like, Odin will be surrounded by runic symbols, and then will shoot a crystal lance at an enemy.



This was referenced from Locations to Inherit skills

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