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Exit(s) Shinjuku Babel (17,31)
Kakyo Castle (18,15)
Zoushigaya Cemetery (23,22)
Zoushigaya Cemetery (24,25)

A new zone that opened up within the most recent update. An area where macca isn't used, but instead of a new form of currency.



The map of Ikebukuro is obtained through the Unreasonable World quest.


  • Accessing Ikebukuro requires you to do a one-time quest in order to be able to pass the Checkpoint.
  • Another quest gives you the ability to transfer between the Warp Portals in the Southern and Eastern districts
  • The south entrance to Zoushigaya Cemetery will be accessible after exiting it from the Zoushigaya side and answering the Haunting Punk Leader's questions correctly, giving you the valuable Tally: Virgo.


Southern Ikebukuro

Daytime Spawns

Nighttime Spawns

Eastern Ikebukuro




-DB Sakuragi [X17:Y29] (Gives BEARCAT Survey 1, BEARCAT Survey 2, BEARCAT Survey 3)

-Various Punks (X17:Y19, X17:Y28, X27:Y16, X21:Y17)

-(X17:Y19, Gives New world)

-(X17:Y28, Gives The Sky is Falling)

-(X27:Y16, Gives Caring World)

-(X21:Y17, Gives Unreasonable World)

-Gambler Kino (X21:Y16) (Gives It's not all about money)

-Higa (X18:Y17) (Gives Kannabaru)

-Koja (X22:Y17) (Gives Punks Fight: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3)

-Wen (X20:Y18) (Gives Bloody World)

-Herculean Dwarf (X24:Y15) (Gives Consonance with the Soul)

-Herculean Dwarf (X24:Y14) (Gives Original Form)

-Demonic Researcher (X24:Y16) (Gives Research achievements in the outland, Sands of Logic)

-Stray Demonic Researcher (X24:Y16) (Gives Research of Dissimilant Variants)

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