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Home III
Exit(s) Virtual Battle (15,19)
Service Entrance (24,18)
Suginami (28,21)
Community Area (20,18)

One of the remaining shelters, this is the location of many beginner quests and shops.



Father Figure Guard

This is the first guard you will see when you come out of the Virtual Room. He will teach you about the map and give you a quest if you speak to him.


Tell you about Arcadia and stuff about Law. Saved by a Gaian Priest.

Gaian Priest

Tell you about Souhonzan and stuff about Chaos. Saved the Messian from harm.

Gramdma Tanaka

History about SMT:Imagine Online world before the "Great Destruction".

Community Area Guide(20,18)

Allows you to travel to Community Zone(Home III)

Guard (Mushroom cut)

Gives you a quest.

Service Entrance Manager

Talking to him will let you enter into the Service Entrance

Former DB Guard

This guard is willing to give you advice on how to be a good Demon Buster.

Discarded Woman

Her husband ran off somewhere, will you help her to find her husband?

Home Point Girl

The Home Point Girl will teach you about Home Points.


Teach about PvP and also a PvP registration clerk.

Experienced Demon Buster

Will teach you about parties, friends, and chat.

Newbie Demon Buster

She has COMP problems and with a Hacked Chip A, you can enter a hack dungeon.
Demon : Jack Frost

Card Maniac (White Hat)

Collecting Demon cards set.
SET :-

  • "Alder" set.

Demon Snack Salesman

Sells Demon Snacks.

SELL : Demon Snack (Teriyaki Strawberry) + A random Demon card for 300 macca per day.

Card Maniac (Black Cap)

Trying to collect Demon Cards set.

  • Jack Brothers
  • NEW Jack Brothers
  • King Frost
  • Frost Five
  • Jack Frost and the Cheerful Demons



  • Will allow access to your item and demon storage, purchase of extra storage and demon storage and also Clan Key.
  • Accessing terminal from other side next to DB Yamaguchi will have a new option to enter Daily Mission .

DB Yamaguchi

Law-minded person
Demon : Principality

DB Kano

Chaos-minded person. Teaches you Gunnery and Critical/Limit Break.

Man who lived in Nakano

A man who had once live in Nakano. Will tell you the terror he had faced living there.

Kissy Pixie

Involved in the Quest: To My Beloved and Quest: A Deranged Scheme quest lines.

Demon God Thoth

Provides a new system allows the player to raise their expertise classes and ranks by passing Yagiya's Reports to him.


Using the Interaction Time system it is possible to have conversations to gain affection points and receive rewards.

DB Daily Girl

Exchange Daily Mission cards for rewards.

Guard (24,23)

Gain access to secret room.


DESTINY is a special instanced run that can be accessed through NPC Yagimiya



Service Entrance

A place to visit while doing Act 3, Act 7 and Act 11. Also gain access to "From: STEVEN" Missions Electronic Corridor.

Beginner's Area

A place for beginners to learn the ropes of the game.

100M Shop Taizo

Sells novelty AP items.

Aya's Clinic

Sells Medical stuffs. You may need to visit here often to stock up. Talking to Aya can also initiate Quest: An Invitation to Mixology, which will unlock the Medical Sciences expertise and allow you to make a wide arrange of items and dungeon plates from various overworld drops. Aya is also involved in the Quest: Dewdrops from a Flower quest line. Gift Melon Recipe quest is available by 1.605U update.

Aya's Eye Clinic

Cathedral of Shadows

Demon Fusions, Yagiya, DCM NPC.

Hakamada's Weapon Shop(17.5,19.5)

Sell arsenal of weaponry.

Suginami's Curiosities

Sells Magical stuff.


Fashion and armor store.

Community Zone(Home III)(20.5,18.5)

Talk to Community Area Guide to enter.
Trading Area full of Shop Spots.

Rag's Shop (19,19)

This store will allow you to turn in gems for Mitama, elementals, and for skills.

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