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Provided here is a selection of links, selected for the information they provide for game-play. If you have a link (outside the Wiki please post here.)


General Information

~ Official Website[1]

~ Wikia[2]

~ Wikipedia[3]

~ Official Blog[4]

~ @megatenonline on Twitter[5]


~ Western Community Forums[6]

~ Community Discord Chat Server[7]


~ True Demonic Compendium by Plecia [8]

~ Cruelty King's Helpful Tools For Everyday Devil Buster Life[9]

~ Einhart's Expertise Calculator[10]

~ Digital Devil Calculator[11]

~ Einhart's Mitama Planner[12]

~ Devil Search Program[13]

~ Azarea[14]

~ Moon Phases Monitor[15]



~Computer Setup Guide by suassive[16]

~Registration Guide by suassive[17]

~Character Creation Guide by suassive[18]


~ Quon's General In-Game Rules & Etiquette Master Post[19]

~ MissOrder's Japanese for people who don't know Japanese[20]

~ Estra's Blacklisting System (A Quick Visual Guide)[21]

~ Kit's Virtual Appearance Guide[22]

~ Quon's ☆How-to: JP Market communication☆[23]


~ eldertwin's Shiho's Extra Lab Notes[24]

~ Ink's Nakano Stone Site Gold Walkthrough[25]

~ Ink's Ueno Mirage Gold Trapdoor Room Guide[26]

~ Rutee's Secret Room Guide[27]

~ Rutee's Tears of Brass Quest Walkthrough[28]

~ Estra's Bearcat Basics[29]


~ IMAGINE Western Forums Guides and FAQs Sub-Forum[30]

~ IMAGINE Western Forums Events Sub-Form[31]


~ denauli's Introduction to Devil Equipment (Epitaph Parts)[32]

~ Rutee's Guide: How to get free Lethe's Bottles without spending CP![33]

~ Ink's Rebirth draining and transfer example[34]

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