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A dungeon instance focused on fighting demon-like viruses. The end chest does not give regular rewards, but a token that can be exchanged for a chance at a random demon.


How to

First, to create a Hacked Chip A is either by:

  • by repairing the Broken IC Chip by talking to the Virtual Girl in Home III (selecting "COMP Irregularities" and then "Hand over the Broken IC Chip").

Then, talk to one of the four Demon Busters with COMP troubles.
From left to right; Newbie Demon Buster (Home III) , Young Demon Buster (Home III Camp Ground), DB Watanabe (Shinjuku Babel), and DB Hasegawa (Ichigaya).

Use the Hacked Chip A and you will be given access to the Hacked Chip Dungeon.

The Dungeons

COMP-Hack Dungeon 1-A

Hacked Chip 1-A run can be reached by talking to the Newbie Demon Buster in Home III.

Possible Rewards:

COMP-Hack Dungeon 2-A

Hacked Chip 2-A run can be reached by talking to the Young Demon Buster at the Home III Camp Ground in Suginami.

Possible Rewards :

COMP-Hack Dungeon 3-A

Hacked Chip 3-A run can be reached by talking to DB Watanabe near the Armor Shop in Shinjuku Babel.

Possible Rewards:

COMP-Hack Dungeon 4-A

Hacked Chip 4-A run can be reached by talking to DB Hasegawa in Ichigaya at coordinates (15,23). You require a Demon Buster License to start this dungeon.

Possible Rewards:


  • If you have a party , they can join you after you used the Hacked Chip A on the respective NPC.
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