Fruit of Life + 2

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Fruit_of_Life_Icon_Transparent.png Fruit of Life + 2

Fruit of Life + 2
Type: Earring

Gender: M&F
Durability: [20]
Spiritual Mixing: Yes
Tarot Fusions: Yes
Soul Stone Fusions: Yes

  • Demon's Pursuit chance/power + 8%


Basic Info

  • Type: Earring
  • Gender: M&F only

Usage Info

  • This is tradable.
  • This can be SI'ed.
  • You can synthesize crystals onto this.

Key Features

SI Slot A: Set Bonus and durability

  • Durability: 20
  • Set Bonus: While equipped:
    • (Level * 0.2)% chance to Null all Physical
    • +80% damage to Chaos enemies
    • While Digitalized, Almighty damage + 40%
    • When Demon's friendship is Linked By Fate, +1 consecutive activation for all skills.
    • Special abilities cannot be transferred via Soul Fusion, etc

SI Slot B: Basic Features

SI Slot C: Characteristics

  • Demon's Pursuit chance/power + 8%

Where to Obtain

Item Mixing
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