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How to Fuse

  • All Fiends require special trifusions. They cannot be fused with other demons outside of a few special recipes.

Double Fusions

Fusion Fiend Level Cost Success Rate
Tokisada + Daisoujou Yoshitsune 87 ? ?%

Triple Fusions

Demon Demon 1 Demon 2 Demon 3 Level Plugin needed
Matador Girimehkala Alice Loa 30 Plug-in: Paso Doble
Alice Kodama Lilim Pixie 35 Plug-in: My World
David Turdak Chatterskull Matador 37 Plugins#David
Hell Biker Girimehkala Alice Matador 46 Plug-in: HAMCH
White Rider Virtue Matador Zouchouten 52 Plug-in:White Rider
Daisoujou Accomplished Mou-Ryou Matador Yata-garasu 55 Plug-in:Daisoujou
Red Rider Power White Rider Koumokuten 58 Plug-in:Red Rider
Black Rider Legion Red Rider Jikokuten 65 Plug-in:Black Rider
Pale Rider Loa Black Rider Bishamonten 74 Plug-in: Pale Rider
Jeanne D'Arc Hell Biker Alice Valkyrie 75 Plug-in: Jeanne D'Arc
Tokisada Hell Biker Matador Mot 83 Plug-in: Tokisada
Trumpeter Black Rider Red Rider White Rider 91 Plug-in: Trumpeter
Mother Harlot Trumpeter Pale Rider Hell Biker 93 Plug-in: Mother Harlot

Demon ogami icon.png Ogami

Main article: Ogami

Ogami left the Order when she discovered that the Messian gods were responsible for the Great Destruction. After a brief attempt at joining the Cult of Gaea, she soon became dissatisfied with them as well, and set out on her own. Though her reasons are not fully understood, she appears to be the gravest threat to humanity's resurgence. She has begun attacking Devil Buster organizations with an assortment of demons. She does not seem to use a COMP to summon her demons but rather her Sword and a charm that is dropped by most "Disciple of Sin" Demons (the Tarakas, Oni and Shikigami in Shinagawa and their respective boss rooms).

Though she was shown to be dying at the time Ogami's Fate was left unknown.

Demon matador icon.png Matador

Main article: Matador

Matador is derived from the late Latin word matare, which means to subdue or kill. It is also the name of the toreros that perform in the bullfighting events famous in Spain. Matador is one of the toreros, and the word literally means "killer", as it the matador's job to kill the bull.

Demon alice icon.png Alice

Main article: Alice

Alice is said to be based off of Lewis Carroll's character from his famous story Alice In Wonderland. The Shin Megami Tensei Alice shares many physical similarities with the character, most notably the blue dress and the blond hair. Also, her well known attack "Die For Me" seems to draw inspiration from the book. Furthermore, her Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE attack, "Mad Tea Party", takes further inspiration from the book as it references the chapter in which the protagonist met the Mad Hatter and March Hare.

However, some say that she is also based off of a myth of an Aryan girl who died at a young age. When Alice died and became a spirit, she gained extreme magical power that drove her insane. Alice was used to scare Scandinavian children into behaving, or else Alice would visit them at night and kill them so that she may become "friends" with them. Due to the overwhelming support of both theories, it is easy to assume both are valid. That both are valid seems to be the cause thought, since Strange Journey Compendium hints at both.

F4t0drN.png David

Main article: David

Demon hellbiker icon.png Hell Biker

Main article: Hell Biker

"A motorcyclist whose violent nature turned him into a demon. His anger at himself and the world causes him to lash out, so that everyone else will suffer as well." ?Compendium Info

Demon whiterider icon.png White Rider

Main article: White Rider

In the Book of Revelations, White Rider is the first of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. He is depicted as a figure mounted upon a white horse, wearing a crown and wielding a bow, which he uses to conquer all around him. Often interpreted as a symbol of Pestilence, his arrows bringing Illness to those they strike.

Demon daisoujou icon.png Daisoujou

Main article: Daisoujou

The design for the character seems to be based off of the Buddhist mummies, Sokushinbutsu. These were monks who performed self-mummification by starving themselves for about three years. At the end of these three years, they were entombed alive with just enough room to sit cross-legged. A tube was placed in the ground, leading to the tomb for air. The monk had a bell with him and every day, someone would listen for the bell to make sure the monk was still alive. When the bell no longer rang, the air tube was removed and the tomb was completely sealed. A thousand days later, the body would be exhumed. If it was preserved, it was revered as a god.

Demon redrider icon.png Red Rider

Main article: Red Rider

In the Book of Revelations, Red Rider is the Second of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. He is depicted as a figure riding a fiery red horse, and wielding a large sword. He has the power to destroy peace and force men to shed each other’s blood. As a result, he is often seen as a symbol of War.

Demon blackrider icon.png Black Rider

Main article: Black Rider

In the Book of Revelations, Black Rider is the Third of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. He is depicted as a figure riding a Black horse and holding a pair of scales in his hand. Unlike the other three horsemen, Black rider is the only one to speak; He talks of rising prices for wheat and barley, but warns not to damage the oil or wine. Because of this, He is commonly interpreted as a symbol of the Famine that will occur during the apocalypse

Demon palerider icon.png Pale Rider

Main article: Pale Rider

In the Book of Revelations, Pale Rider is the Forth and final horseman of the apocalypse. He is depicted as a figure riding a Pale horse and, unlike the other riders, is given a name: Death. Also unlike the other riders, he is not given a weapon or Item to hold, instead it is said that “Hell was following close behind him.” However, in most modern depictions, he is seen holding a scythe, much like the Grim reaper. As his name suggests, he is a symbol of Death

Demon joanofarc icon.png Joan of Arc

Main article: Jeanne D'Arc

C0NWZdk.png Tokisada

Main article: Tokisada

Tokisada, also known as Amakusa Shiro, was the teenage leader of the Shimabara Rebellion. Shiro led the defense of Hara Castle and died when it fell. Executed in the aftermath of the fall, his head was displayed on a pike in Nagasaki for a very long time afterward as a warning to any other potential Christian rebels. His death poem was: "Ima r?j? shiteiru mono wa, raise made tomo to naru." ("Now, those who accompany me in being besieged in this castle, will be my friends unto the next world.") According to some sources, Shiro may have been the illegitimate son of Toyotomi Hideyori, the son of the general who first united all of Japan.

Demon yoshitsune icon.png Yoshitsune

Main article: Yoshitsune

TrumpeterIcon.jpg Trumpeter

Main article: Trumpeter

Mother Harlot Icon.png Mother Harlot

Main article: Mother Harlot

Demon masakado icon.png Masakado

Main article: Masakado
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