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How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-17 Datsue-Ba 9 40 87%
18-29 Acheri 15 112 78%
30-49 Taraka 25 312 63%
50-63 Gorgon 32 512 52%
64-69 Yomotsu-Shikome 35 612 48%
70-81 Leanan Sidhe 41 840 29%
82-87 Yuki Jyorou 44 968 34%
88-93 Lamia 47 1104 30%
Special Fusion Clotho 48 1152 28%
94-99 Arachne 50 1250 25%
Special Fusion Lachesis 51 1300 24%
100-105 Yaksni 53 1404 21%
Special Fusion Atropos 56 1568 16%
106+ Dakini 65 2112 3%
Tri-fusion Rangda 85 ? 16%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Up Down Up Up
Race Combinations in Dyad Fusion
Goddess+Yoma Goddess+Evil Demon Goddess+Brute Raptor+Brute
Heavenly God+Wilder Yoma+Nation Ruler Yoma+Brute Avian+Nocturne
Wild Bird+Guardian Raptor+Brute Earth Element+Foul Demigod+Earth Mother
Nocturne+Guardian Nocturne+Dragon Dragon King+Earth Mother Holy Beast+Brute
Guardian+Earth Mother Fallen Angel+Earth Mother Earth Mother+Haunt

Datsue-ba Icon.jpeg Datsue-Ba

Main article: Datsue-Ba

A monster appearing in Japanese legends. She appears as an old woman with a piercing gaze that makes even the innocent tremble.

In Japanese folklore, when people die, they must cross the Sanzu River to reach the afterlife. Datsue-Ba sits on the edge of this river and tears off the clothes of the dead as they arrive. She then hangs them on a tree to measure the weight of their sins. How far the tree bends determines where they are allowed to cross the river.

She is sometimes described as the wife of Yama, king of the dead.

Acheri icon.png Acheri

Main article: Acheri

XIlBMQ0.png Taraka

Main article: Taraka

In Hindu mythology, Taraka was a female Daitya and the daughter of the yaksha Suketu or the ashura Sunda. She was transformed into a Rakshasi by the sage Agastya and went to live in a forest on the Ganges. She would ravage the country around and had an insatiable lust for blood and carnal desires. Every night she would hunt for male victims and, if she found one that she liked, she would forcibly have sex with him and drain his life energy until he was dead. If she did not like the man, she would simply eat him, starting from his head.

According to the Hindu epic, the Ramayana, the sage Vishvamitra asked Rama to slay Taraka, but he was reluctant to kill a female. Rama decided to deprive Taraka of her ability to do harm by cutting off her arms and his brother Lakshmana cut off her nose and ears. However, Taraka used her powers of sorcery to hurl stones at the brothers and Rama was forced to kill her with an arrow.

tJY4fTs.png Gorgon

Main article: Gorgon

Originally in Greek mythology, the poet Homer speaks of a single Gorgon, whose grim visage is set in the aegis shield of Zeus. The Gorgon is a female monster with sharp fangs, hair of venomous snakes, and sometimes golden wings and brazen claws. Anyone who looks upon the face of the Gorgon is turned instantly to stone. It wasn't until the writings of the poet Hesiod the the number of Gorgons was increased to three. These were; Stheno the mighty, Euryale the far-springer and Medusa the queen. According to Hesiod they were the daughters of the sea god Phorcys and Ceto and lived far in the western ocean. It was later suggested that there were produced by Gaia to aid the Titans against the gods, but were slain by Athena. Of the three Gorgons, only Medusa was ever portrayed as mortal in later tales. While it is true that in the ancient Greek depictions of Gorgons, they were hideous and frightening creatures to behold, more modern and poetic depictions of them are as beautiful maidens, but with hair of living, venomous snakes.

aVxkKEc.png Yomotsu-Shikome

Main article: Yomotsu-Shikome

Terrifying female Oni of Japanese mythology who live in Yomi, the underworld.

Yomotsu-Shikome are famous as the pursuers sent by Izanami to catch Izanagi as he fled Yomi. They were obsessed with food, so Izanagi turned his hair into wild grapes and his comb into bamboo shoots. The Yomotsu-Shikome were distracted by the food, allowing Izanagi to make his escape back to the realm of the living.

Each Yomotsu-Shikome leads her own army of Yomotsu-Ikusa, their male counterparts.

Leanan Sidhe icon.png Leanan Sidhe

Main article: Leanan Sidhe

Yuki Jyurou icon.png Yuki Jyorou

Main article: Yuki Jyorou

CD2g12J.png Lamia

Main article: Lamia

A monster of Greek mythology. She is usually depicted as a woman from the waist up and a snake from the waist down. She is the child of Belos, son of the sea god Poseidon, and Libye. Lamia was originally a queen of Libya. Zeus was enraptured by her beauty, and his jealous wife Hera, in a rage, slew all the children of Zeus and Lamia and cursed Lamia herself so that her lower half became that of a monstrous snake.

Lamia is sometimes identified with Lillith, the first wife of the Old Testament figure Adam.

Vj00vb5.png Clotho

Main article: Clotho

Arachne icon.png Arachne

Main article: Arachne

FEJcNdT.png Lachesis

Main article: Lachesis

wf4qJFL.png Yaksni

Main article: Yaksni

A man-eating demon of Indian mythology. There are many different interpretations of Yaksini. In Hinduism, they are considered evil demons, but in Buddhism they are considered protectors of wealth. They are related to Kali. Their male counterparts are called Yaksa. Yaksa appear as powerfully-built men, while Yaksini appear as beautiful, voluptuous women.

Hariti, the Indian goddess who symbolizes fertility and prosperity, is considered a Yaksini. According to legend, although Hariti had 1.000 children of her own whom she cared for deeply, she attacked and ate human children. Buddha, seeing this, hid Hariti's favorite child away from her to make her suffer. Buddha said to her, "This is the suffering that comes from loosing just one of 1.000 children. Can you imagine the sorrow of a human mother whose only has been eaten?" Hariti had a change of heart, and from that day forward she ate pomegranates instead of children. It was in this way that she became a symbol of fertility and prosperity. This is also why pomegranates are considered symbols of fertility and prosperity in China.

pp5EEC7.png Atropos

Main article: Atropos

4eVrG0f.png Dakini

Main article: Dakini

A dakini is a tantric deity described as an embodiment of enlightened energy that resembles a female.

In each of her various guises, she serves as each of the Three Roots. She may be a human guru, a yidam, or she may be a protector.

Wx41uMv.png Rangda

Main article: Rangda

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Event None

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