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How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-5 Kodama 3 4 100%
6-9 Hua Po 5 12 100%
10-21 Knocker 11 60 100%
22-33 Sudama 17 144 100%
34-47 Bucca-Boo 24 288 100%
48-59 Dwarf 30 450 95%
60-69 Sarutahiko 35 612 88%
70-81 Ubelluris 41 840 79%
82+ Titan 62 1922 47%
Tri-fusion Gogmagog 64 ? 59%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Up Up Down Down
Race Combinations in Dyad Fusion
Yoma+Vile Yoma+Evil Demon Yoma+Reaper Yoma+Fairy
Yoma+Fallen Angel Yoma+Haunt Divine+Haunt Reaper+Brute
Holy Beast+Nation Ruler Beast+Wilder Wilder+Haunt Earth Mother+Evil Dragon
Earth Mother+Foul Fallen Angel+Brute Guardian+Brute

zWFNI24.png Kodama

Main article: Kodama

A general name for spirits that inhabit trees. The name is also sometimes used to refer to the trees they live in.

The word "kodama" can also mean "echo" in Japanese, stemming from the belief that mountain echoes are created by these tree spirits.

Attempting to cut down a tree inhabited by a kodama is said to bring a curse.

DOw3VSZ.png Hua Po

Main article: Hua Po

A tree spirit of Chinese legend. They are said to be manifestations of the resentment and regret of those who commit suicide, springing from trees where three or more people have hung themselves.

Hua Po appear as pure, young maidens with white clothes, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Their bodies are hairless except for their heads. Their voices resemble the sounds of songbirds and as such they cannot converse with humans. As tree spirits, they cannot live without water. If not given water, they will shrivel up and die. Giving water to a dried-out Hua Po, however, will restore it to life.

EqoCdCv.png Knocker

Main article: Knocker

Fairies that inhabit the mines of the Cornwall region of England. They appear as little people and live in mine shafts. Knockers perform acts of kindness towards humans, such as showing them where rich ores lie. However, forgetting to thank a knocker will result in a curse, and the knocker will never again show you where the ore lies.

Knockers are also said to be the souls of Jews who were condemned to remain on earth for having crucified Jesus Christ.

MdNV7od.png Sudama

Main article: Sudama

Elements of the mountains. Their name means "lurking souls." They are sometimes identified with the kodama. Sudama are born from the pure essence of the rocks and trees of lush, green mountains where few humans have set foot. They are said to live in huge, ancient trees and giant, ageless boulders.

Sudama never cause trouble, and sometimes take human shape in order to watch over their mountain homes. Tradition holds that when you are in the mountains and get the feeling you are being watched, it is a Sudama watching you.

b8oQsCu.png Bucca-Boo

Main article: Bucca-Boo

Elements of the earth inhabiting the Cornwall region of England, akin to goblins. They are pranksters, but also possess a more fearsome side, attacking and eating humans.

Bucca-Boos were also sometimes seen as water sprites. When fishermen were blessed with a good catch, they would give offerings of fish and ale to the Bucca-Boos in hopes that their next catch would be good as well.

There are two types of Bucca-Boos. White ones are good, while black ones are evil.

AZ0Zxmh.png Dwarf

Main article: Dwarf

Elements of the earth who appear in Norse mythology and other traditions. They are most often depicted with short bodies and long beards. Dwarves excel in crafting weapons, armor, and other accessories. They are greedy, and will never perform a task for someone else without payment. They are a warlike race, skilled in arms, with strength that far exceeds that of humans.

The dwarves are responsible for creating the chain Glepnir, which will be used to bind Fenrir after he swallows Odin. They also forged Mjolnir, the hammer of the thunder god Thor.

Today dwarves can be founds in countless comics, games, and other fantasy-themed works. Following the example of the old Norse myths, they usually appear as blacksmiths and craftsmen

ZtJQPn3.png Sarutahiko

Main article: Sarutahiko

Sarutahiko-no-Ookami (?????) is an terrestrial god whose name means "Prince Of The Monkey Fields". He was the first to welcome the gods who descended to the earth, but refused to relinquish his territory to Ninigi-no-Mikoto until he was suggestively convinced to do so by Ameno-Uzume, who later became his wife.

zgVIhmL.png Ubelluris

Main article: Ubelluris

In Hurrian mythology, Upelluri was the "dreaming god". The gods placed the stone giant Ullikummi on Upelluri's shoulders to form the world. In his slumber, Upelluri was unaware of his burden. He has been compared to Atlas from Greek mythology. The Hittite counterpart was Ubelluris, a mountain god who carried the western edge of the sky on his shoulders.

SjFnFc3.png Titan

Main article: Titan

In Greek mythology, the Titans were a race of powerful deities, descendants of Gaia and Uranus, that ruled during the legendary Golden Age.


Main article: Gogmagog
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