Distortion Floor

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Location: Shinjuku Docks elevator (required "security card creation")

Requirements: DB license Class A

Can enter with party and it is not necessary cards for all of them.

The floors and enemies are gathers of other dungeons, but they are stronger and with some different resistances.

You can not proceed until you destroy enemies in all floors, rooms and passages.

Enemies drops Sands and Race Melons to be used in Demon Force.

Each floor have a different condition to spawn a Gold run level boss in a specific room. Kill them for treasures chests.

To get all treasure chests is necessary 650000 Magnetites.

Floors and conditions for boss/treasure chests:

Floor 1/Celu Tower: Gives 50000 Magnetites to the switch. Boss appears in front of the teleport for the next floor.

Floor 2/Shinagawa Catacombs: Defeat 3 Thrones around the floor. Boss appears at the room where Zhu Que plugin is obtained.

Floor 3/Zhu Que Caverns: Gives 50000 Magnetites to 4 plasmas around the floor. Boss appears at the Stray Angel location.

Floor 4/Suginami Tunnels: Kill all enemies around the floor. Boss appears at the only room where was empty.

Floor 5/Shibuya Quartz: Kill the three bronze bosses and gives 50000 Magnetites to 3 Crystals for more Treasure Chests. Boss appears at the only room where was empty.

Floor 6/Ichigaya Camp: Gives 50000 to 200000 Magnetites to Switch. Boss appears at last room before stairs.

Boss floor:

Time limit is 3 minutes.

Various Oses and one Flauros is the boss. They will rush to you as soon as you enter.

Ice, electric, force, nerve and mind works well against Oses.

Ice and mind works for Flauros.

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