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Minimum Requirement

  • Level 75+ (All players)
  • Completed Act 16: Spiral Waltz and earned the B-Class DB License. (All players)
  • Must have the Indulgence of Chastity. Valuable used upon entering. (All players)
  • Have at least 2 members to join the run. Maximum is 30.
    • Please use the Versus Team located in Communication section to recruit more than 1 full party with condition of Diaspora (Suginami).
    • 6 full party = 30 members = 1 full Versus Team. Use "Team" chat to talk to everyone in the Team which is vital for survival.
  • Must wait 20 hours (Real time) before joining another Diaspora
    • Applied to all party members that join the run.
    • Diaspora Shinagawa and Diaspora Suginami have separate cool down.

Loading Screen Art (JPN)



  • Once you are in Diaspora you are randomly spawned within one of the yellow circles surrounded by a barrier. Once the barrier are down you have 60 minutes (1 hour) to finish off the main boss of the area whom are spawned within the purple square when the conditions are met.
  • To meet the conditions, work with the team and start killing the demons around the towers labeled A through E around the map, those demons(The Succubus and Incubus) will drop Petra Gynaik and Petra Antras when item mixed together, they will form Petra Phos

  • Once you have the Petra Phos, work together with the team to time the suppression of the towers together in order to reach the next step
    • Warning: Towers will become unsuppressed after 60 seconds(?)
    • 5 Petra Phos for 5 Towers within 60 seconds (1 minute)
  • Once all towers are suppressed Succubus mini-bosses will spawn at Incubus towers and Incubus mini-bosses at Succubus towers, once you kill them a cut scene will play (cannot skip) and 5 fake Astaroth boss will spawn at each tower, with the real one spawned within the purple square.
  • To defeat the real boss the 5 fakes must be taken out in order for the real boss's barrier to be down temporary(Note: once the fake bosses re-spawn the barrier is back up). The fake bosses must be taken out through demons.
    • Warning: Once the real boss spawns he will periodically cast down lightning bolts, you will know it when the screen is turning dark, to prevent getting hit use the guard skill after the screen is turning dark

Quick walk-through

Time limit: 60 minutes (1 hour)
  • Head to Suginami (with all your army men) and talk to Gomory.
  • Get Indulgence of Chastity and open Diaspora (Suginami) run.
  • Take a deep breath and get yourself together. As the barrier went down, the run will start.
  • Head to the towers (1 Party = 1 Tower) and defeat the demons around the tower.
  • Get Petra Gynaik and Petra Antras from the dead demon corpses.
  • Item mix them to get Petra Phos which is used to suppress the tower.
  • Stand-by until anyone at each tower have the Petra Phos.
    • Use Team chat and ask if anybody at the towers marked is ready yet. Failure to answer may cause failure to the run. Teamwork is vital.
  • All the players with Petra Phos at each tower must use the Petra Phos on the tower within 60 seconds (1 minute).
  • Lord of Many Sins demons will spawn at each tower upon the suppression of each tower.
  • Kill all the Lord of Many Sins, and the cut-scene about the arrival of Astaroth will be in play.
    • Cut-scene cannot be canceled.
  • Fake Astaroths (Astaroth Vision) will appear at each tower with the real one at the Purple Square of the map at the "Objective" section.
    • You must defeat the Fake Astaroths in order to remove Real Astaroth (Astaroth Avatar) barrier temporary.
    • Should the Fake Astaroths re-spawns, the Real Astaroth barrier will be regained back until the Fake Astaroths are dead again.
    • Fake boss must be taken out by demon.
    • Should the screen turns dark, use Basic Guard or any guarding type skill in order to cancel the lighting bolts used by Astaroth Avatar.

Demon list and weakness

Aside from the ones that reflect (LoMS), all Incubus are weak to force and all Succubus are weak to expel.
Most of them null elements aside from reflects at 25%.


  • Prox (プロクス) - Reflects Fire, Weak to Ice
  • Krustallos (クリュスタロス) - Reflects Ice, Weak to Fire
  • Blonde (ブロンテ) - Reflects Elec, Weak to Force
  • Anemos (アネモス) - Reflects Force, Weak to Elec
  • Amina (アミナ) - Incubus weak to Force, Succubus weak to Expel

Lord of Many Sins


Notable difference between normal and Diaspora run

  • Special conditions is issued.
    • In Suginami,
      • Minions would usually attack on sight.
      • Players: -70 to all status (i.e. STR, CLS-R and etc). Decreased combat performance in close-range, long-range, spell damage skills. Acquired Astaroth's Feather bad buff (Cannot be canceled by Dekunda. Can only be canceled by the death of Astaroth Avatar)
      • Demons: Cost 0 Magnetite to summon. All close-range, long-range, and spell damage increases. Healing skills effect increases.


Gomory Exchange

  • Duke Of Terror Astaroth Plugin (500)
  • Skills, Players only.
RdSUGOY.png Heatwave Active Weapon-
Spin 16% HP The energy forms into a sword and unleashes all its power towards the enemies. Inflicts weapon-based damage to the facing enemies. 100 None
fN4Jk1c.png Tentarafoo Active Mind Shot 20 MP, 20 Magnetite Fire innumerable light. Inflict mind-based and Panic effect to the facing enemies. 100 None
3F4pktm.png Charisma Passive Special Curative - Negotiation success rate increases because of the radiant charisma. 100 None
Secrets of Fusion.jpg Secrets of Fusion Passive Special Curative - Boosts double fusion success rate by 5% 200 None
OBBj4Qs.png Purify Trigger Active Expel Rapid 1 MP  ? 300 None
ezpAbjT.jpg Spear Active Penetrate Rush 15% HP  ? 100 None
zucVET7.png Bloodsucker Active Magic Attack - Restores HP/MP by half of damage done. 100 Erosion Hex
5ZbyBp2.png Mega Strike Active Mind Rush 8% HP  ? 200 Makakaja, Heaven's Gate
bg6qTdP.png Nervous Edge Active Nerve Spin 15 MP, 15 Magnetite  ? 200 Shibaboo, Negotiation 1
Thread of the Forest.png Thread of the Forest Active Penetrate Shot 5% HP  ? 200 Blessing of Rahu
Heaven Shaking Sword.png Heaven Shaking Sword Active Slash Spin 25% HP, 25 Mags  ? 500 Giant Swing, Advanced Sorcery Circulation, Kamiizumi

Battle formation formula

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