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Your demonic compendium provides details of all demons you have collected information about. To add new information to your compendium, you must use a Demonic Compendium Memory on a summoned demon.

The following is a list of all known demons within the game. Click on the demon's name to view that demon's stats. To sort the table, click on the [><] icon on table header.

For a parsed table, see Demonic Compendium (Full).

For the complete list of every single demon in the game, see Demonic Compendium (Global).

Demons with red background rows are unimplemented

Align Icon Species Group Lv. Name Double Fusible Growth
Law metatron.png Aerial Seraphim 97 Metatron X Master Hagalaz
Law rafael.png Aerial Seraphim 93 Rafael X Master Hagalaz
Law uriel.png Aerial Seraphim 80 Uriel X Master Hagalaz
Law mithra.png Gods Demon God 74 Mithra X Master Hagalaz
Law odin.png Gods Demon God 70 Odin X Master Hagalaz
Law thor.png Gods Demon God 76 Thor X Master Tiwaz
Law thoth.png Gods Demon God 42 Thoth X Hagalaz
Law nyarlathotep.png Guardians Vile 86 Nyarlathotep X Master Peorth
Law mada.png Guardians Vile 83 Mada X Master Tiwaz
Law taotie.png Guardians Vile 65 Tao Tie O Tiwaz
Law pazuzu.png Guardians Vile 82 Pazuzu O Master Hagalaz
Law baphomet.png Guardians Vile 30 Baphomet O Peorth
Law garuda.png Birds Avian 65 Garuda O Big Nauthiz
Law yatagarasu.png Birds Avian 52 Yata-Garasu O Tiwaz
Law suparna.png Birds Avian 42 Suparna O Nauthiz
Law zhuque.png Birds Avian 49 Zhu Que X Big Lagus
Law phoenix.png Birds Avian 36 Phoenix O Eihwaz
Law jatayu.png Birds Avian 28 Jatayu O Small Uruz
Law fenghuang.png Birds Avian 20 Feng Huang O Small Ansuz
Law pallasathena.png Gods Goddess 76 Pallas Athena X Master Hagalaz
Law scathach.png Gods Goddess 68 Scathach O Big Tiwaz
Law sati.png Gods Goddess 55 Sati O Big Peorth
Law freya.png Gods Goddess 38 Freya O Eihwaz
Law sarasvati.png Gods Goddess 30 Sarasvati O Ansuz
Law amenouzume.png Gods Goddess 24 Ameno-Uzume O Small Eihwaz
Law hathor.png Gods Goddess 18 Hathor O Small Ansuz
Law takemikazuchi.png Guardians Heavenly God 71 Take-Mikazuchi O Big Tiwaz
Law omoikane.png Guardians Heavenly God 31 Omoikane O Peorth
Law hresvelgr.png Birds Raptor 78 Hresvelgr O Big Lagus
Law camazotz.png Birds Raptor 69 Camazotz O Big Uruz
Law furiae.png Birds Raptor 45 Furiae O Uruz
Law zhen.png Birds Raptor 41 Zhen O Hagalaz
Law onmoraki.png Birds Raptor 1 Onmoraki O Small Hagalaz
Law throne.png Aerial Divine 71 Throne O Big Nauthiz
Law dominion.png Aerial Divine 64 Dominion O Big Ansuz
Law virtue.png Aerial Divine 51 Virtue O Big Ansuz
Law power.png Aerial Divine 36 Power O Tiwaz
Law principality.png Aerial Divine 25 Principality O Small Ansuz
Law archangel.png Aerial Divine 17 Archangel O Small Tiwaz
Law angel.png Aerial Divine 11 Angel O Small Eihwaz
Law hecatonchires.png Demoniacs Evil Demon 82 Hecatonchires X Master Tiwaz
Law girimehkala.png Demoniacs Evil Demon 70 Girimehkala X Big Tiwaz
Law edimmu.png Demoniacs Evil Demon 61 Edimmu X Big Hagalaz
Law cyclops.png Demoniacs Evil Demon 46 Cyclops O Tiwaz
Law rakshasa.png Demoniacs Evil Demon 41 Rakshasa O Tiwaz
Law ogre.png Demoniacs Evil Demon 25 Ogre O Small Tiwaz
Law morrigan.png Birds Wild Bird 62 Morrigan X Master Hagalaz
Law badbcatha.png Birds Wild Bird 54 Badb Catha O Big Uruz
Law aello.png Birds Wild Bird 36 Aello O Uruz
Law celaeno.png Birds Wild Bird 30 Celaeno O Hagalaz
Law ocypete.png Birds Wild Bird 25 Ocypete O Small Uruz
Law macha.png Birds Wild Bird 12 Macha O Small Tiwaz
Law harpy.png Birds Wild Bird 7 Harpy O Small Fehu
Law ganesha.png Magica Yoma 58 Ganesha O Big Hagalaz
Law efreet.png Magica Yoma 52 Efreet X Big Hagalaz
Law jinn.png Magica Yoma 44 Jinn O Peorth
Law onkot.png Magica Yoma 37 Onkot O Tiwaz
Law dis.png Magica Yoma 23 Dis O Small Ansuz
Law isora.png Magica Yoma 14 Isora O Small Tiwaz
Law apsaras.png Magica Yoma 8 Apsaras O Small Peorth
Law titan.png Demoniacs Earth Element 62 Titan O Master Tiwaz
Law ubelluris.png Demoniacs Earth Element 41 Ubelluris O Tiwaz
Law dwarf.png Demoniacs Earth Element 30 Dwarf O Dwarf
Law buccaboo.png Demoniacs Earth Element 24 Bucca-Boo O Small Hagalaz
Law sudama.png Demoniacs Earth Element 17 Sudama O Small Peorth
Law knocker.png Demoniacs Earth Element 11 Knocker O Small Peorth
Law huapo.png Demoniacs Earth Element 5 Hua Po O Small Lagus
Law kodama.png Demoniacs Earth Element 3 Kodama O Small Hagalaz
Neutral mot.png Guardians Reaper 85 Mot X Master Peorth
Neutral beijiweng.png Guardians Reaper 93 Beiji Weng X Master Tiwaz
Neutral chernobog.png Guardians Reaper 62 Chernobog O Big Tiwaz
Neutral hel.png Guardians Reaper 46 Hel O Lagus
Neutral sleipnir.png Beasts Holy Beast 62 Sleipnir O Big Tiwaz
Neutral kirin.png Beasts Holy Beast 41 Kirin O Eihwaz
Neutral senri.png Beasts Holy Beast 36 Senri O Tiwaz
Neutral pabilsag.png Beasts Holy Beast 31 Pa Bil Sag O Uruz
Neutral baize.png Beasts Holy Beast 27 Bai Ze O Small Ansuz
Neutral apis.png Beasts Holy Beast 24 Apis O Small Eihwaz
Neutral unicorn.png Beasts Holy Beast 21 Unicorn O Small Ansuz
Neutral shiisa.png Beasts Holy Beast 13 Shiisa O Small Hagalaz
Neutral cerberus.png Beasts Beast 49 Cerberus O Big Tiwaz
Neutral dawon.png Beasts Beast 42 Dawon O Hagalaz
Neutral tanki.png Beasts Beast 37 Tan-Ki O Tiwaz
Neutral orthrus.png Beasts Beast 31 Orthrus O Tiwaz
Neutral nekomata.png Beasts Beast 26 Nekomata O Small Tiwaz
Neutral inugami.png Beasts Beast 18 Inugami O Small Tiwaz
Neutral cusith.png Beasts Beast 13 Cu Sith O Small Tiwaz
Neutral caitsith.png Beasts Beast 7 Cait Sith O Small Hagalaz
Neutral titania.png Magica Fairy 57 Titania O Big Lagus
Neutral oberon.png Magica Fairy 52 Oberon O Big Hagalaz
Neutral troll.png Magica Fairy 38 Troll O Tiwaz
Neutral elf.png Magica Fairy 31 Elf O Peorth
Neutral kelpie.png Magica Fairy 25 Kelpie O Small Hagalaz
Neutral gandharva.png Magica Fairy 23 Gandharva O Small Tiwaz
Neutral pyrojack.png Magica Fairy 20 Pyro Jack O Small Peorth
Neutral highpixie.png Magica Fairy 15 High Pixie O Small Ansuz
Neutral jackfrost.png Magica Fairy 11 Jack Frost O Small Hagalaz
Neutral pixie.png Magica Fairy 2 Pixie O Pixie
Neutral flamies.png Elementals Elemental 20 Flamies O Small Peorth
Neutral aquans.png Elementals Elemental 15 Aquans O Small Peorth
Neutral aeros.png Elementals Elemental 11 Aeros O Small Peorth
Neutral erthys.png Elementals Elemental 7 Erthys O Small Hagalaz
Neutral hellbiker.png Humans Fiend 46 Hell Biker X Big Tiwaz
Neutral alice.png Humans Fiend 35 Alice X Big Peorth
Neutral matador.png Humans Fiend 30 Matador X Big Tiwaz
Neutral hanuman.png Magica Demigod 71 Hanuman X Master Tiwaz
Neutral hayagriva.png Magica Demigod 57 Hayagriva O Tiwaz
Neutral cuchulainn.png Magica Demigod 44 Cu Chulainn O Tiwaz
Neutral kuramatengu.png Magica Demigod 48 Kurama-Tengu O Uruz
Neutral valkyrie.png Magica Demigod 36 Valkyrie O Hagalaz
Neutral setanta.png Magica Demigod 28 Setanta O Small Tiwaz
Neutral taowu.png Beasts Wilder 64 Tao Wu O Big Lagus
Neutral fenrir.png Beasts Wilder 57 Fenrir O Big Tiwaz
Neutral catoblepas.png Beasts Wilder 50 Catoblepas O Big Hagalaz
Neutral mothman.png Beasts Wilder 40 Mothman O Tiwaz
Neutral nue.png Beasts Wilder 37 Nue O Tiwaz
Neutral raiju.png Beasts Wilder 31 Raiju X Hagalaz
Neutral gyuki.png Beasts Wilder 25 Gyuki O Small Uruz
Neutral bicorn.png Beasts Wilder 17 Bicorn O Small Peorth
Neutral garm.png Beasts Wilder 9 Garm O Small Tiwaz
Neutral rajanaga.png Dragons Dragon King 40 Raja Naga O Tiwaz
Neutral mizuchi.png Dragons Dragon King 31 Mizuchi O Tiwaz
Neutral naga.png Dragons Dragon King 24 Naga O Small Tiwaz
Neutral nozuchi.png Dragons Dragon King 14 Nozuchi O Small Tiwaz
Neutral lilith.png Magica Nocturnus 92 Lilith X Master Peorth
Neutral blackfrost.png Magica Nocturnus 45 Black Frost X Hagalaz
Neutral queenmab.png Magica Nocturnus 57 Queen Mab O Big Peorth
Neutral loa.png Magica Nocturnus 52 Loa O Big Peorth
Neutral kaiwan.png Magica Nocturnus 47 Kaiwan O Peorth
Neutral succubus.png Magica Nocturnus 37 Succubus O Lagus
Neutral incubus.png Magica Nocturnus 31 Incubus O Uruz
Neutral fomorian.png Magica Nocturnus 27 Fomorian O Small Tiwaz
Neutral lilim.png Magica Nocturnus 20 Lilim O Lilim
Neutral empusa.png Magica Nocturnus 14 Empusa O Small Hagalaz
Neutral alp.png Magica Nocturnus 8 Alp O Small Ansuz
Neutral narasimha.png Beasts Godly Beast 61 Narasimha O Big Tiwaz
Neutral nandi.png Beasts Godly Beast 44 Nandi O Eihwaz
Neutral kaichi.png Beasts Godly Beast 31 Kaichi O Nauthiz
Neutral makami.png Beasts Godly Beast 22 Makami O Small Ansuz
Chaos shadow.png Fouls Foul 52 Shadow O Big Peorth
Chaos phantom.png Fouls Foul 93 Phantom X Master Peorth
Chaos blackooze.png Fouls Foul 31 Black Ooze O Tiwaz
Chaos specter.png Fouls Foul 36 Specter O Peorth
Chaos blob.png Fouls Foul 16 Blob O Small Peorth
Chaos mouryou.png Fouls Foul 11 Mou-Ryou O Small Peorth
Chaos slime.png Fouls Foul 6 Slime O Small Tiwaz
Chaos willowisp.png Fouls Foul 1 Will O'Wisp O Small Peorth
Chaos ongyo2.jpg Demoniacs Brute 91 Ongyo-Ki X Master Hagalaz
Chaos shikiouji.png Demoniacs Brute 63 Shiki-Ouji O Big Peorth
Chaos yomotsuikusa.png Demoniacs Brute 44 Yomotsu-Ikusa O Tiwaz
Chaos yaksa.png Demoniacs Brute 51 Yaksa O Tiwaz
Chaos karasutengu.png Demoniacs Brute 28 Karasu-Tengu O Small Tiwaz
Chaos turdak.png Demoniacs Brute 23 Turdak O Small Tiwaz
Chaos momunofu.png Demoniacs Brute 19 Momunofu O Small Tiwaz
Chaos koppatengu.png Demoniacs Brute 15 Koppa-Tengu O Small Lagus
Chaos azumi.png Demoniacs Brute 10 Azumi O Small Hagalaz
Chaos shikigami.png Demoniacs Brute 5 Shikigami O Small Hagalaz
Chaos oni.png Demoniacs Brute 25 Oni O Small Tiwaz
Chaos kinki.png Demoniacs Brute 66 Kinki O Big Tiwaz
Chaos suiki.png Demoniacs Brute 69 Suiki O Big Lagus
Chaos fuki.png Demoniacs Brute 72 Fuki O Big Hagalaz
Chaos vetala.png Evil Spirits Haunt 44 Vetala O CLS-R 2 Lv
Chaos legion.png Evil Spirits Haunt 38 Legion O Ansuz
Chaos pisaca.png Evil Spirits Haunt 36 Pisaca O Tiwaz
Chaos chatterskull.png Evil Spirits Haunt 33 Chatterskull O Hagalaz
Chaos yakkha.png Evil Spirits Haunt 24 Yakkha O Small Tiwaz
Chaos choronzon.png Evil Spirits Haunt 17 Choronzon O Small Peorth
Chaos ghoul.png Evil Spirits Haunt 11 Ghoul O Small Tiwaz
Chaos gaki.png Evil Spirits Haunt 7 Gaki O Small Hagalaz
Chaos poltergeist.png Evil Spirits Haunt 4 Poltergeist O Small Peorth
Chaos quetzalcoatl.png Dragons Dragon 55 Quetzalcoatl O Big Hagalaz
Chaos qinglong.png Dragons Dragon 77 Qing-Long X Master Tiwaz
Chaos ganga.png Dragons Dragon 39 Ganga O Hagalaz
Chaos coatlicue.png Dragons Dragon 33 Coatlicue O Hagalaz
Chaos ose.png Aerial Fallen Angel 73 Ose O Master Tiwaz
Chaos orobas.png Aerial Fallen Angel 65 Orobas O Big Peorth
Chaos berith.png Aerial Fallen Angel 58 Berith O Tiwaz
Chaos decarabia.png Aerial Fallen Angel 50 Decarabia O Big Peorth
Chaos eligor.png Aerial Fallen Angel 43 Eligor O Tiwaz
Chaos forneus.png Aerial Fallen Angel 29 Forneus O Small Hagalaz
Chaos andras.png Aerial Fallen Angel 15 Andras O Small Peorth
Chaos dakini.png Demoniacs Femme 65 Dakini O Big Tiwaz
Chaos yaksni.png Demoniacs Femme 53 Yaksni O Big Hagalaz
Chaos yomotsushikome.png Demoniacs Femme 35 Yomotsu-Shikome O Lagus
Chaos gorgon.png Demoniacs Femme 32 Gorgon O Tiwaz
Chaos taraka.png Demoniacs Femme 25 Taraka O Small Tiwaz
Chaos lamia.png Demoniacs Femme 47 Lamia O Hagalaz
Chaos icond306011a.png Demoniacs Femme 9 Datsue-Ba O Small Peorth
Chaos arahabaki.png Guardians Nation Ruler 83 Arahabaki O Master Hagalaz
Chaos onamuchi.png Guardians Nation Ruler 42 Onamuchi O Tiwaz
Chaos okuninushi.png Guardians Nation Ruler 59 Okuninushi O Big Hagalaz
Chaos skadi.png Guardians Earth Mother 74 Skadi O Master Hagalaz
Chaos kali.png Guardians Earth Mother 68 Kali O Big Tiwaz
Chaos parvati.png Guardians Earth Mother 64 Parvati O Big Nauthiz
Chaos artemis.png Guardians Earth Mother 30 Artemis O Artemis
Chaos kushinadahime.png Guardians Earth Mother 26 Kushinada-Hime O Small Eihwaz
Chaos kikurihime.png Guardians Earth Mother 18 Kikuri-Hime O Small Ansuz
Chaos nidhoggr.png Dragons Evil Dragon 57 Nidhoggr O Big Tiwaz
Chaos typhon.png Dragons Evil Dragon 51 Typhon O Big Hagalaz
Chaos basilisk.png Dragons Evil Dragon 43 Basilisk O Hagalaz
Chaos tarasque.png Dragons Evil Dragon 17 Tarasque O Small Tiwaz
Chaos cockatrice.png Dragons Evil Dragon 8 Cockatrice O Small Hagalaz
Chaos bishamonten.png Guardians Guardian 72 Bishamonten X Master Tiwaz
Chaos jikokuten.png Guardians Guardian 52 Jikokuten O Big Hagalaz
Chaos koumokuten.png Guardians Guardian 45 Koumokuten O Big Hagalaz
Chaos zouchouten.png Guardians Guardian 38 Zouchouten O Big Tiwaz
Chaos dionysus.png Guardians Destroyer 58 Dionysus X Big Uruz
Chaos wukong.png Guardians Destroyer 93 Wu Kong X Master Tiwaz
Chaos mara.png Magica Tyrant 95 Mara X Master Tiwaz
Chaos astaroth.png Magica Tyrant 85 Astaroth X Master Hagalaz
Chaos surt.png Magica Tyrant 72 Surt X Master Hagalaz
Chaos loki.png Magica Tyrant 69 Loki X Master Hagalaz
Chaos moloch.png Magica Tyrant 64 Moloch X Big Hagalaz
Chaos hecate.png Magica Tyrant 59 Hecate X Big Hagalaz
Chaos kingfrost.png Magica Tyrant 40 King Frost X Hagalaz
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