Dark Babel

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Dark Babel
Exit(s) Shinjuku (21,20
Door 1 (18,23)
Door 2 (23,23)
Door 3 (18,20)
Door 4 (23,20)
Door 5 (19,18)
Door 6 (22,18)
Door 666 (21,16)
Abyss Tower (21,20)

An alien version of Shinjuku Babel. It is home to powerful enemies.




Black Frost

Black Frost will give you access to a variety of things.

  • Option 1 of Black Frost will allow you to trade him items (mostly Magnetite Pressers) for certain things, or trade him Soul Points for certain skills.
    • All things obtained from him can only be used within the instances, and in some cases, are only rentals
  • Option 2 will allow you to check the number of door clears you have
  • Option 3 will let you leave Dark Babel
  • Option 4 will allow you to access your Item and Demon Depositories.

Black Frost Trade-in Menu


2 Magnetite Pressers Bright WorldΩ A sword that allows the user to use the skill Prism Sword within a Door instance.
2 Magnetite Pressers Different WorldΩ A handgun that allows the user to use the skill Brilliant Pounce within a Door instance.
30 Magnetite Pressers Epitaph Part [Door 01~06] When equipped to a demon, will give that demon +200% damage boost to all enemies in the respective door instance
1 Abyss Key Abyss Tower Key When used, allows you to enter one of the Abyss Tower instances.
15 Masakadus Abyss Tower Key When used, allows you to enter one of the Abyss Tower instances.

Soul Point (3000 each)

  • All skills can only be used in a door instance
- Dazzling Arc 5% HP, 400 Magnetite Spin Almighty 5000 Modifier, 45 range, 60 second cooldown time
- Luminous Chaser 5% HP Rapid Almighty 5000 Modifier, 80 range, 3 shots, 150 second cooldown time


Will exchange Congratulation Cards for Summon PGs and other goodies, much like its counterpart in Secret Room

  • Congratulation Card rate is the same as Secret Room, see that page for more details


Exchanges DM cards for "Abyss Tower Key: Emergency Exit", exchanges Ice Vest for Plugin: Frost Ace, Ancient Book for Plugin: Enhanced Metatron, Suspicious Drink for Plugin: Enhanced Alice, and provides the normal Yagiya services.

Pyro Jack(22,21)

Allows entry into Abyss Tower - Frost Ace instance for one "Abyss Tower Key: Emergency Exit."

Suspicious Demonic Researcher (23,18)

Allows entry into Underworld Battle Colosseum and exchanges Underworld BC Cards for Casino coins or various DCMs.

Doors (6th Anniversary Event and also permanent)

These doors hold very powerful demons within them, some old, some new. Doors can only be accessed if one has the buff "DOOR 1~6 Access Allowed", obtainable by using the Key of the Abyss consumable. All party members must have this buff to enter

  • Key of the Abyss is a CP Item and can be rarely obtained from events and DESTINY.
  • Upon completion of a run, the buff will disappear

Door 1 (Tzitzimitl)

Door 2 (Beelzebub)

Door 3 (Vishnu)

Door 4 (Shiva)

Door 5 (Azazel)

Door 6 (Michael)

Door 666 (Abaddon)

Upon successfully completing 6 door runs of any kind, you will be allowed to enter Door 666.

  • Access to Door 666 is revoked once you beat it.
  • Door Clear count will also reset to 0, regardless of how many door clears you had prior.

Abyss Tower

Abyss Tower is the newest area of Dark Babel, containing the strongest demons in history. The door can only be accessed if you have the buff obtained from the Abyssal Tower key, gained by trading with Black Frost.

Abyss Tower - Demi-fiend

Abyss Tower - Mother Harlot

Abyss Tower - Seth

Abyss Tower - Metatron

Abyss Tower - Mara

Abyss Tower - Alice

Abyss Tower - Jack Frost (Solo)

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