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This special Hack run needs a Hacked Chip-Kappa or a Violence Xylograph (悍ましきザイログラフ) to start. The chips are sold by the Poltergeist NPC in exchange of Magnetite Presser α which is located in Ichigaya (x15 y20).

Hacked Chip Kappa 1 3
5 15
10 30
25 75
50 150
100 300

The Demon Buster

DB Senko is in Shinjuku Babel (x25 y20). Upon entering, you and your party will be afflicted by the Bubonic Plague bad status (HP and MP will be drained continuously) and it'll be impossible to summon a demon.

First Wave

Demon Resistances
Sinister Herd Loa Weaknesses: Expel
Resistances: All Elemental Affinities, Mind
Nulls: Magic, Nerve, Death

Sinister Herd Turdak Weaknesses: Blunt, Spread, Force, Expel, Magic
Resistances: Death, Nerve, Mind

Sinister Herd Chatterskull Weaknesses: Blunt, Spread, Force, Expel, Magic
Resistances: Nerve, Mind
Nulls: Death
Reflects: Fire

After defeating this group, a red plasma will appear. Touching it will open a menu where you can choose the difficulty of the Boss (EASY or HARD). If possessing a Skeleton Doll it can be used to slightly raise the chances to spawn David.

!Important: The difficulties are literally EASY (very easy) and HARD (EXTREMELY hard) so be careful when choosing!


The spawn will change between Tokisada and Yomotsu-Ikusa, Alice and Pixie (will spawn if Skeleton Doll is used), David and Matador which is a rare spawn in both cases.

  • The boss enemy in each case can not be damaged until all of the minions have been killed!


Note: Hard mode also gives Digitalize Experience.

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