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How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-9 Shikigami 5 12 100%
10-19 Azumi 10 50 100%
20-29 Koppa-Tengu 15 112 100%
30-37 Momunofu 19 180 100%
38-45 Turdak 23 264 100%
46-49 Oni 25 312 100%
50-55 Karasu-Tengu 28 392 98%
56-87 Yomotsu-Ikusa 44 968 74%
88-101 Yaksa 51 1300 64%
102-125 Shiki-Ouji 63 1984 46%
126-131 Kinki 66 2178 41%
132-137 Suiki 69 2380 37%
138-198 Fuki 72 2592 33%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Up Down Up Up
Race Combinations in Dyad Fusion
Demon God+Earth Element Vile+Fallen Angel Vile+Femme Yoma+Femme
Wild Bird+Evil Demon Wild Bird+Nocturne Earth Element+Wilder Evil Demon+Fairy
Evil Demon+Wilder Evil Demon+Guardian Evil Demon+Foul Nocturne+Foul
Fairy+Destroyer Fairy+Guardian Dragon King+Beast Dragon King+Haunt
Nation Ruler+Haunt Haunt+Foul

uUtPrD1.png Shikigami

Main article: Shikigami

A type of demon gods used since ancient times in Japanese divination. There are many different types of Shikigami, some taking the form of paper, others of elements, and still others of various monsters and demons.

They cannot be seen by ordinary people, and possess the ability to change themselves into many shapes. The famous diviner Abe-no-Seimei commanded the so-called Twelve Divine Generals, the most powerful of all Shikigami. Besides carrying out secret missions for Seimei, these Shikigami also performed various everyday tasks for him.

The Shikigami commanded in the Izanagi school of divination practiced in Kochi on the island of Shikoku is called Shiki-Oji, and is said to be extremely powerful.

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xzhm06R.png Azumi

Main article: Azumi

Water gods of the ancient Azumi tribe, versed in the way of water. Often referred to as Azumi-no-Isora. They are said to have arrived in Japan from the south, preferring a life at sea to a life on land. The god Azumi-no-Isora-Kami is their chief.

Later, having settled peacefully in Japan, they scattered throughout the land.

Azumi-no-Isora are also called Azumi-no-Isora-Maru, and it is for this reason that boats in Japan are named with the suffix "-maru," as a prayer to the Azumi for protection against disaster at sea.

Azumi are identified with the shrine god Amenokoyane.

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sdBhglJ.png Koppa-Tengu

Main article: Koppa-Tengu

A type of Tengu, the supernatural form of a wolf that has lived to an extraordinary age. Like Karasu-Tengu, they appear as mountain priests and act as menial servants to other Tengu.

Unlike Anba-Tengu and Karasu-Tengu, Koppa-Tengu have no great supernatural powers, but their huge wings allow them to soar freely through the sky. They are clever but cowardly, rarely appearing before humans and traveling silently in groups at night.

Among the many different types of Tengu, Koppa-Tengu serve as the messengers. They use the elements of small birds for this purpose

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9MVOMs4.png Momunofu

Main article: Momunofu

Warriors who existed in Japan from the 10th through the early 19th centuries. With their great mental strength of purpose and well-honed swordsmanship, bands of momonofu would fight as mercenaries or in service of a specific lord.

The term "momonofu" first referred not to armed bands of private soldiers, but to groups officially appointed by the shogun's government to perform certain services, including services similar to today's police forces.

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Z0J7Jx4.png Turdak

Main article: Turdak

A skull that serves his relative Yama, lord of the dead. He is viewed as the embodiment of disease, and often depicted as a skeleton.

Turdak can bring disease and send people to their deaths, but he also has the power to cure disease by dancing. He is often described as a pair of beings, one that brings disease and one that cure it.

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wA54YpA.png Oni

Main article: Oni

Monstrous creatures of Japanese mythology. Some of them, such as Shuten-doji. are well-known throughout Japan, and it is common for "-doji" to be added to the names of famous Oni. Their entire bodies are built as tough as iron, they have horns on their heads and sharp fangs protrude from their mouths. Their thick, sharp claws can easily tear through tempered steel. They wear lionclothes of tiger skin and carry metal clubs studded with spikes. The number of horns and the color of their skin varies from Oni to Oni.

The appearance of the Oni was established during the Heian period (794-1185). Because the so-called Oni Gate faces northeast, between the directions of the ox (NNE) and the tiger (ENE), the Oni was conceived as having the horns of a ox and the fangs and claws of a tiger. The animals who protected the Japanese folk hero Momotaro from the Oni were derived from the opposing directions: the monkey (WSW), the cock (W), and the dog (WNW).

The prison guards of Hell who command the Oni are known as Mezuki and Gozuki.

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l7HdRbn.png Karasu-Tengu

Main article: Karasu-Tengu

Legendary creatures that appear in folk tales all over Japan. Virtuous monks who train in the mountains while alive are said to transform into Karasu-Tengu when they die.

Karasu-Tengu are also known as "little" Tengu, serving as henchmen for "big" Tengu. Big Tengu have long red noses, but little Tengu do not, instead appearing as hawks with a crow-like voice. Some Karasu-Tengu have extraordinary powers. There are temples in rural Japan where Karasu-Tengu are the object of worship.

Some believe that Karasu-Tengu are a modified form of the Hindu defender god Garuda, who reached Japan with the spread of Buddhism.

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viF7IV0.png Yomotsu-Ikusa

Main article: Yomotsu-Ikusa

Demons of Japanese mythology that live in the underworld of Yomi.

Yomotsu-Ikusa are employed by the guardian of Yomi, Yomotsu-Shikome, as a vast army. They are also commanded as troops by the gods of yogi.

In Japanese mythology, Yomotsu-Ikusa appear as the troops sent by Izanami to pursue Uzanagi as he flees Yomi. The number of Yomotsu-Ikusa sent is said to be 1.500, just as they are about to overtake Izanagi at Yomitsuhirazaka, he drove them back by throwing a peach, believed to have demon-repelling powers. Izanagi was thus able to escape.

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ooHKDhH.png Yaksa

Main article: Yaksa

The Yaksa, or Yaksha, are a type of nature spirit in Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist mythology.

The Yaksa normally has a dual personality. They are viewed as either nature-fairies of the woods and mountains, or cannibalistic ogres, ghosts, or demons that waylay and devour travelers.

In Buddhist mythology, the Yaksa is portrayed as the attendant of Vaisravana, the Guardian of the Northern Quarter, a beneficent god who protects the righteous.

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KwXFa97.png Shiki-Ouji

Main article: Shiki-Ouji

A powerful Shikigami that can be summoned by certain onmyodo. It can cause harm to others or cure illness, but it's ordinary temperament is quite vicious.

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kinki.png Kinki

Main article: Kinki

Kin-Ki is one of the four oni controlled by Fujiwara No Chikata. Named after gold, Kin-Ki's body is so strong that no weapons in existence can pierce it.

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opeHVgP.png Suiki

Main article: Suiki

Sui-Ki is one of the four Oni that were part of the Mantra demons' elite force. But they made a mistake which angered Thor and they were forever banished from Ikebukuro. The once elite Oni group became mere petty thieves who mugged anyone going through their scattered hideouts around the Ikebukuro Tunnel.

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ocD30Oq.png Fuki

Main article: Fuki

Fuu-Ki is one of the four Oni that were part of the Mantra demons' elite force. But they made a mistake which angered Thor and they were forever banished from Ikebukuro. The once elite Oni group became mere petty thieves who mugged anyone going through their scattered hideouts around the Ikebukuro Tunnel.

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GEPwNYA.png Ongyo-Ki

Main article: Ongyo-Ki

One of the four oni controlled by Fujiwara no Chikata. By eliminating its aura and preventing others from sensing its presence, it was able to surprise enemies

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