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[Knowledge] An Expertise Skill for bestowing the various blessings of magic upon others.

Can be increased up to Class 9


Requirements to Unlock: Complete the Albertus' Oratorio from Saint Germin in Shinjuku Babel.

This Expertise affects Curse of the Wretched Chain Expertise by 20%.
This Expertise affects Enhancement Chain Expertise by 30%.
This Expertise affects Support Bullet Chain Expertise by 40%.

wYoHE7A.png Blessing of Soma 1-0 Passive Special Curative 1 - By the power of the Moon, all party members' MAX MP +5.
T8yjfFN.png Blessing of Surya 2-0 Passive Special Curative 1 - By the power of the Sun, all party members' MAX HP +10.
4PNOmOO.png Blessing of Shani 3-0 Passive Special Curative 1 - By the power of Saturn, all party members' Vitality +2, Magic Defense + 1.
vSsrDG4.png Blessing of Budha 4-0 Passive Special Curative 1 - By the power of Mercury, all party members' Intelligence +2.
HYUjEUa.png Blessing of Ketu 5-0 Passive Special Curative 1
(Select 1)
- By the power of the S Lunar Node, damage from the demon of Aerial and Gods group -5%, Magic Defense + 1.
JgAyzcG.png Blessing of Rahu Passive Special Curative - By the power of the S Lunar Node, damage from the demon of Guardian and Demoniacs group -5%, Physical Defense + 1.
sG2f9Pg.png Blessing of Shukra 6-0 Passive Special Curative 1 - By the power of Venus, all party members' Magic +2
SK9yPaZ.png Blessing of Brihaspati 7-0 Passive Special Curative 1 - By the power of Jupiter, all party members' Speed +2.
2i8zH9E.png Blessing of Mangala 8-0 Passive Special Curative 1 - By the powers of Mars, all party members' Strength +2.
BlessingOfNava.jpg Blessing of Navagraha 9-0 Passive Special Curative 1 - All party members' Luck +2.

How to Train Expertise

  • Use "Erosion Hex" from Curse of the Wretched on the Slime, Gaki or Will O'Wisp inside Virtual Battle, Electronic Fairy High Pixie in COMP-Hack Dungeon 1-A, or Lost Hua Po in Suginami [X15:Y21] or [X16:Y19].
    • Choosing to pick the COMP-Hack, you will have unlimited spawn and no one to interfere with your target. Also, you will need plenty of Chakra Crepe or auto MP Regeneration item such as Ring of the Nibelungen.
  • Use any Enhancement skill to raise the Expertise. It doesn't matter if you recover HP or not.
  • Purchase any "Scabbard" in your COMP Shop with MC, under "Rental Item", and constantly spam the item.
  • Since Bless takes time to raise, you don't have to raise in one sitting. You can go while in dungeon raid or during your spare time.

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