Act 7: DB License

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Act 7: DB License
Previous Act Act 6: The Obelisk of Balance
Next Act Act 8: The Obelisk of Form and Power



The time has finally come, as you have the makings an experienced Demon Buster. Snakeman challenges you to 3 tests, each room containing different demons. However, during the DB Test, when the Guard entered the Virtual Battle for help, a mysterious woman took advantage of this and entered the Service Entrance, and began causing trouble. She then summoned an Oni out of an Innocent body from an earlier attack. Could she be the one who summoned the demons earlier? What does she want from Home III...?


Your Character must be Level 25 or above to start this Act.

  1. Talk with Snakeman.
    1. Obtained License Test Card.
    2. At this time, check your item and equipment. Optional, you can bring along party members to help you fight only in Service Entrance part.
  2. Use the License Test Card on the terminal to enter Virtual Battle.
  3. Defeat 10 Loyal Companion Garm and report to Snakeman.
  4. Defeat 1 Battle-Scarred Veteran Jack Frost and Battle-Scarred Veteran Pyro Jack, and report to Snakeman.
  5. Defeat 1 Hollow Beast Cerberus and Hollow Beast Orthrus, and report to Snakeman.
  6. Cut-scene.
    1. Obtained Service Entrance Card B.
    2. At this time, check your item and equipment. Optional, you can bring along party members to help you fight.
  7. Go to Home III Service Entrance and use the Card on the Terminal.
  8. Defeat 1 Imp of Chaos Oni and 10 Imp of Chaos Shikigamis.
  9. Report to Snakeman.


Clear Service Entrance

  • 200,000 XP

End Act


  • A "good" demon for for both DB License and Service Entrance is an Unicorn or Accomplished Unicorn for new Demon Busters. Most of the attacks from Loyal Companion Garm, Hollow Beast Cerberus, Hollow Beast Orthrus, and Imp of Chaos Shikigami are Charge-based damage. Unicorn nulls Charge-based damage. Just watch out for Garms and Shikigamis electric attacks, one of Unicorns weaknesses.
  • After receiving your DB License, numerous opportunity is available to you:
    • You can now use the Teleport option on your Home Point. You can teleport from Home III to Shinjuku Babel and vice versa for every 20 hours (Real time).
    • You can now able to enter "Gold" Plate dungeons.
    • You can now able to enter Protopia. Talk to the "Innocent" located in Shinjuku Babel [X21:Y18]. Answering either reply still grants access.
    • Entry for ??? is now unlocked. Head to Shinjuku from Shinjuku Babel and search for the black dot.
  • Upon completion of this act, new gifts are available at Yagigami.

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