Act 5: The Thick Forest

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Act 5: The Thick Forest
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Another job is waiting from Snakeman, that takes place in Nakano. Nakano was once a grassless wasteland since the Great Destruction. At some point in time, vigorous plants began growing along the edge and soon expanding to Suginami into a large forest. While ago, investigators were dispatched to find the cause of the growing forest, however no words came back from them. This is where you come in, Snakeman wants you to meet Nonaka the leader of the survey team to retrieve the "Nakano Investigation Data". Unfortunately he doesn't have the data with him, someone else have the data...


  1. Talk with Snakeman.
  2. Head to Nakano.
  3. Talk with Nonaka. Located in Nakano [X17:Y22].
  4. Talk with Clumsy Researcher. Located in Nakano [X17.5:Y21.5].
    When you talk to Clumsy Researcher, you will have 2 choices:
    1. "Hit him" (殴る) - Chaos shift.
    2. "Admonish him" (諭す) - Law shift.
  5. Obtain Nakano Investigation DATA from DB Tanaka. Located in Nakano [X26:Y18].
    When you talk to DB Tanaka, you will have 3 choices.
    1. "Give 1,000 Macca"
    2. "Persuade" (説得) - Law shift. (600 Macca) [Requires level 25+]
    3. "Take by force" (力で解決) - Chaos shift. [Requires level 25+]
  6. Report to Snakeman.



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