Mound of Masakado

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A dungeon accessible from NPC Kisaragi in Ueno (x21 y26) only after completing her Quest: Manifestation of Masakado. In order to enter the run you will need Horse Amulets, a reward from Diaspora's clear chests.

NPC Kisaragi

Along with the run, Kisaragi's shop will also be available.

Mound of Masakado

  • You may choose two difficulties: Normal (1 amulet) or Hard (5 amulets). The enemies are the same, only changing in strenght.

First Round: Oyamatsumi

  • Oyamatsumi, Nue and Kikuri-hime. Do not kill Oyamatsumi before clearing the room of other enemies. In case of Oyamatsumi dying first, both players and demon partners will receive the bad status "Fleeting Pledge" (-75% general damage,curative effect,physical and magical defense).

Second Round: Sarutahiko

  • Sarutahiko is protected by Ameno-Uzume, Kikuri-Hime and Onamuchi. Defeat them and their entourage to lower his defense.

Third Round: Susano-o

  • Susanoo can be killed directly. There will be a chance that he accompanies you in the next rounds as an ally if you take too long to kill him.

Fourth Round: Four Heavenly Kings

  • Zouchoten, Koumokuten, Jikokuten and Bishamoten will spawn in said order upon defeat. You can also wait a couple minutes and they will despawn (resulting in Atavaka's weakening)

Fifth Round: Atavaka

  • Simply defeat every enemy and go on.

Sixth Round: Amaterasu (F)

  • Simply defeat every enemy and go on. In case Ally Susanoo has been summoned, the enemies spawning will be less.

Boss: Masakado

  • Masakado will be first untouchable. You must hit him with an AOE skill very close to the Shadow that spawns after killing his entourage in order to be able to damage him. If not defeated in time, his entourage will spawn again, making him invincible.(repeat steps explained)


Purple Box

(changes according to PT members #)

Green Box

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