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(Chapter Two: Children of Adam)
(Between The Acts)
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== '''''Between The Acts''''' ==
== '''''Between The Acts''''' ==
*[[Quest: Brother and Sister|Brother and Sister]]
*[[Quest: Brother and Sister|Brother and Sister]]

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Episodes and Acts are the storyline quests which affect the story's progression as well as your character's alignment.
To access certain features of the game like home point teleportation, the player must travel along the quest storyline and complete the acts. The player must complete Act 7 and obtain a Demon Buster License in order to enter the Gold Plate Dungeons and unlock the Law Acts.

-Note: Take precautions of your actions from Act 1 to Act 16. These are the Acts that will strongly shift your alignment. For more information about the Alignment refer to the Alignment page. The page also shows which Acts will shift your alignment and whether it is major or minor.


[edit] Chapter One: DB License


[edit] Chapter Two: Children of Adam


[edit] Between The Acts


[edit] Chapter Three: The Ten Commandments


[edit] Extra Chapter

[edit] Chain Of Curse

Take note that there's a 24 hour cool-down after each Act (Example:from CoC Act 1 to CoC Act 2), Except from CoC Act 5 to CoC Act 6.
To start these acts, you need to complete Act 7: DB License Test.

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