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DESTINY is a special instanced run that can be accessed through NPC Yagimiya
This run rewards you with 1 random item out of 100 you will have to "collect" within 5 minutes. These rewards range from the most common to the rarest (CP items included).
The run is SOLO ONLY, meaning your party members are unable to enter in the same run as yours.


NPC Yagimiya (x18 20 in Home III, x19 y20 in Shinjuku Babel, x28 y19 in Protopia, x20/21 y24 in Arcadia, x16 y23 in Souhonzan)

NPC Yagimiya

On your first time, choose the second last option (とりあえずやってみる). After, you can simply choose the first option to start a run. The third option gives you a Daily prize. You're eligible for a new prize at 6:00 (Tokyo Time). There are 10 items which are rotated each day in this order:

Conditions to start

1 Real-time hour cool-down after the last time you've entered a run. The DESTINY status will disappear, allowing you to enter again.

Obscure Space

Once you click the box, a 5 minutes countdown timer will start and 3 groups of enemies will spawn. Your objective is to fill the DESTINY special storage by killing these demons. At 3:00 and 1:00 a special type of demon will appear.

You can only obtain items if you have filled the storage 100/100

If you kill a demon while your character is too far away, it will not give any item.

Will O'Wisp

Do NOT kill. It will disappear in 20 seconds. If not killed it gives 30 "Medal pieces"

Mou Ryou

Kill it QUICK or all the items in your storage will be erased.

Jack Frost

Drops x200 Macca Paper Currency in your storage.

Black Frost

Drops x200 MAG Presser α in your storage.

King Frost

Drops x2 Ymir's Bone in your storage.


When you defeat all the demons twice for each group, 4 Mitamas will appear. Defeating them will give you 1 "Medal piece", and you'll gain the status "Mitama combo" (lasts 60 seconds) that will slightly increase the odds of getting better items in your storage.
The Mitamas absorb Almighty, each of them can be defeated faster by their weakness (Aramitama: Fire, Nigimitama: Ice, Sakimitama: Electric, Kushimitama: Force).


After the time's up, talk to Yagimiya again.
The first option will let you run a sort of lottery and you will receive 1 random item out of the 100 you have collected.

Item Line-up

Some items are subject to changes (please check the main IMAGINE site for an updated item list)

The second option takes you to the CP menu where you can buy a Dart of Hell (get one item from the storage of your choice) or a Medal of Hell (adds 1 item to the ones you can get from lottery, you can use 9 max)
The third option is where you can claim your Medal Pieces and turn them in for a full Silver Medal, which can be used in the lottery (adds 1 item to the ones you can get from lottery, you can use 4 max). You may claim your Silver Medals for 150 pieces each.You can have a max of 600 pieces, if you happen to collect more they will not be counted.
The forth option is your Daily prize.
The fifth is to exit from DESTINY. Once a day when you exit the instance, Yagimiya buffs you and your demon with Yagimiya's Support status (+25 for all stats for 30 minutes)

The last option is to close the menu.

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